Thursday, January 11, 2007

Date Me, Please?

Now if only my blogging friends lived near me. We could all have play dates, share our new drink recipes, rate our favorite sex toys and just live a perfect life.

Ahhhh, to dream.

It seems I am not the only Mom with this problem. I am sure when the kids are in school full time it will be easier to find some friends and I am looking for a par time job so when I get re-employed I may be able to find a cat or two to hang with.
Maybe I should wear a shirt with requirements on it like :
a friend

should be fun, sarcastic, witty. Has to like TV, blogging, spa treatments, kids and martinis, should be able to have great advice on MILF jeans and the best bras for busty ladies. Should push me to exercise but not enough to make me want to slap you. Must have large pool and invite me over often. Must be able to laugh at her husband as well as mine. Has to tell me how hot I am even when I wear sweats.
Having a ton of money to spend on me is encouraged but not necessary.

Do you think this is too much?

Nah, I don't think so either.


  1. Aw I think you and I would have fun together!

  2. I just read what you do in public bathrooms over at TKO (LOL! ME TOO!)- and with that alone, we were destined to be the bestest of friends. Blood sisters.
    If only the six (?) hour difference between us was juuuuust a bit shorter, like a block or so. Or a yard.
    Then we would have our husbands calling eachother wondering where we are...

  3. I think you guys would be great friends.

  4. Only online can you find great people you have a lot in common with only to find out that they live halfway across the country. I hope you find a friend who fits your criteria a little closer to home.

  5. Brandi3:45 PM

    You crack me up.

  6. Anonymous5:33 PM

    I think we would have a blast. I, too, wish I had good friends closer. Actually, I think Diana isn't far from me - she and I better hook up before I move south! lol

    I met my best friend online. I live in CT and she lives in Vancouver. Sucks.

    I guess I need to put an ad in the paper or sell my goods out on the whoops... wrong kind of friend... LMAO

  7. Anonymous6:16 PM

    If you find her, send her my way, PLEASE, lol!


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