Monday, January 29, 2007


Ok, so we all think when you need a pad you do not need a thong. I am so glad we are all on the same page.

I know you peeps have an embarrassing period story and I want to hear it! Anything, did you get it freakishly late in life, did you get it on a date and not have anything with you, did you get it for the first time in school and you had no idea what it was?
Give it to me either in these comments or email me anonymously.

I will go first:
I got my period when I was about 14 and had it only a few times before I went on a trip to the beach for a couple of days with my Dad and sister.
One day after I had just got out of the ocean I noticed a big blood spot on the towel as I was drying myself off.
I was mortified and when my Dad had seen it, he asked what it was and I told him I had a nose bleed. After all, I couldn't say the word "period" in front of my Dad and I didn't even want him to know I got my period!

But if I didn't tell him how would I get pads?
My Mom wasn't with us and telling my Aunt was as mortifying to me as telling my Dad.
Finally I had to ask him to bring me to the store, "for what?" he asked and I knew that question was coming.
"For pads" I mumbled back to him and he just jumped in the car and got me to the drugstore and handed me a twenty dollar bill.

I was so proud of myself for asking him (what other choice did I have? Why was I so proud?!) I bought my first box of tampons and tried to figure out how they worked all by myself that day.

Plus, my Dad let me keep the change.

The winner of the best story, chosen by me, will get a prize. What is the prize? It will be some of my favorite things.


  1. I'm not sure if it's embarrassing, but I remember having my first period at age 8. I called my mom into the bathroom, not really knowing what was going on. I remember being pretty calm, but very curious. Of course, my Mom got all nervous and called the doctor. That is too early to have a period! (I had this old guy at this old office, where everything was white and sterile, and all I remember besides that was the sound of the rolled paper on the examining table. Strange memories!)

    Doctor said I was fine, but to call right away if I had another one. If so, I'd be tested for a variety of things. I didn't have another one until I was 12! See, I told you I was abnormal.

    My mom was the type who always wanted us (3) girls to wear pads - tampons were for adults (OMG, that is another post) so I wore pads and ruined a LOT of clothes. I do remember watching a classmate in elementary school who had to tie a jacket around her waist at school because she had bled thru her WHITE pants. OMG.

  2. It was Sunday, July 6, 1980.

    I was wearing my fantastic new white jeans to morning church. When we got home, I sat down at the dining room table with my little sister. She pointed to my crotch and asked loudly, "What's that?"

    When I looked down, there was a bright red stain, probably already there during Mass. My Mom found out later when she found the jeans in the laundry and asked me if I knew how to use a pad.

    Pads in 1980 were as thick as an encylopedia and just as comfortable.

    Yes, that was my 13th birthday and every year since (except the year I was pregnant), I always have my period on my birthday.

    Oh. Even if I did win the prize, you can keep it. You have an unatural love of panty-liners...

  3. DD
    a) that you know the date is scary
    b) that sucks to have your period on your bday
    c) you are going to get it. You are SO missing out on the prize of the year.

    Jeez..... give a girl a break, I have had occasions where liners are my only option, thin, petite liners.

  4. mama, that white pants thing has happened to so many people and if not them their friends.

    Girls should NOT wear white pants between the ages of 12-16.

  5. This is a bad one!
    I had mine for my junior prom which sucked for many reasons, one of which was that I had a white dress. Because of that, I felt that I would be safest with a pad and a tampon. I was carrying a tiny beaded purse and I had folded extra tampons and a pad into it. During the course of the night I left said bag unattended on the table and my best friend's date proceded to unearth the pad (which was on the industrial variety) and hit the dance floor with it stuck to his forhead.

    I heard about that one for a long time...

  6. Ugh. When I was in 10th grade, I was in our high school musical. All the leads in the musical would stay later then the chorus to get in extra practice, but if the chorus wanted to stay, we were welcome to. I was seriously lusting after this guy in the musical, so I talked my girlfriend into staying with me. We were working on a dance scene, and I was up on stage dancing in front of the entire cast and of course, the guy I was lusting after. After our dance, it was time to go, and we hit the bathroom before her mom picked us up. Yea, I had started my period and it was definitely a heavy day, because my entire crotch, butt, and halfway down my inner thighs of my jeans were just covered in blood. I wanted to die on the spot. And I still had to exit the bathroom and walk through the school to get to the parking lot. To say that that moment was the most embarassing moment of my life is completely accurate. Because not only did an entire group of people see this, but yes, the guy I was lusting after too. So so pitiful.

  7. I got my first period at 11... on Valentine's Day. I remember being very aware that this was my period and when I went to tell my mom, she started crying. She told me she was so proud of me and how I was a woman now. I remember thinking, "It just happened!"

  8. I was 13 and my first period lasted 1 year! I kept asking my mum every two weeks for more pads and tampons after 6 months she stopped buying them for me so I would stop wasting them (She obviously thought I was just being silly) . I never told her that my period hadn't stopped and I was to enbarassed to ask my dad for money for supplies. I ended up surviving the next 6 months on sending away for free samples,not only did the free samples last 6 months I think they lasted about 2 years!! Free samples rule!

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  10. Kevin, you were warned.

  11. Mindi4:21 PM

    Well.. Here's mine.

    Bit o background first. I am 32. Got my first period at 13.

    Several years ago, I heard about the depo provera shot you get once every 3 months and stop having periods all together. I stoped having periods ALL TOGETHER for about 5 years.

    It is just as wonderful as it sounds. I loved no periods, no cramps, no pads or tampons, NOTHING.

    When I decided to stop getting the shots, I was warned that it would be a while before my period started up again. I finally got my first period almost a year later, was waching for it and was prepared.

    It was the second period that caught me by surprise because it came earlier than I expected. I believe there was a seat at the movie theater that needed to be cleaned once I left. I did not realize how bad it was until I got home. At least I was wearing jeans and a longish jacket. I cried to my husband, "I feel like 13 year old."

    I was so embarrassed to say the least.


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