Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I don't do resolutions. They stink, everyone says they don't work so why set yourself up for failure?
I do promise myself that I will do some things that will be better for me and my family. No, they are not resolutions they are promises I will fulfill.

I am going to make a friend in my town this year.

I am going to join the gym I like next to my kid's school. So what if I heard it is a pickup joint for lesbians. That is a bonus. I need something to watch while I work out.

I am going to try not to look so bored when I play with my kid's and their toys for the 39473 time that day.

I am going to try and not curse so much.

Ok so that is it. That is enough for me.

Now if you know me in real life, just stop reading here. I swear you don't want to read what I am going to write next.
Be on your way.

I guess I am late to the game, but do you girls have a vibrator?
Is that something every girl owns? I may be way out of the loop, I mean I got one a long time ago but never used it. It just looked stupid.
I just got a new one and I am in L O V E.
They are amazing. So tell me which one you have and whether you are in love like me. You can email me if you like your privacy and don't wish to talk about the sex on a public blog. Like yours truly.

I am just so crazy in 2007.


  1. Ok I will admit it- I have 2 :) I have that one and just a regular silver one- I tend to like that one best. A girl has to do what a girl has to do-right??

  2. I'll probably be the odd-man out and admit I DON'T have one. Feel sorry for me, OK?

  3. I have a collection and love them all equally. Yep, I am just that kind of broad.

  4. Anonymous9:10 AM


    We have the SAME vibrator! Hubby bought this very same one, in purple, for me a few months back. Can you say BINGO! PLACE YOUR BETS! or WE HAVE A WINNER!??????????????????


  5. DD, go order this one now ok? I would buy it for you but I wouldn't want you to be offended.
    Amanda, great taste! : )

    TJG, I love that about you, a collection!

    mama, isn't it very very very good? Do you love it?

  6. The rabbit effing rocks. But..what every girl needs is the pocket rocket. Go ahead and Google it...I'll wait.

    Yea, pocket rocket for SURE is where it's at ;)

  7. princess, I never saw the appeal in those, but I will take your word on it. Perhaps I will start a collection!

  8. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Actually, the rabbit is sometimes too MUCH stimulation for me. Call me odd. But it IS nice!

  9. I don't have one either but I did go to a Pleasure Party hosted by two gay men two years ago which was a BLAST! I highly recommend attending one at some point...bonus if there are gay men involved. My sister won herself a mini vibrator for knowing the most slang terms for sex. Man was I proud.

  10. The wife and I have a couple of those. They're not the traditional, phallic looking things. They don't have rotating pearls or a vibrating rabbit head to get at "the man in the boat."

    One is a smallish hand held personal massager. With multiple speeds.

    The other is a little vibrating cock ring. I wear it on my erect male member (or hard dick, if you're not prudish) and as she can feel the vibrations while I'm inside her, each thrust pressed the actual egg vibe against her love nubbin. She absolutely LOVES this thing.

    It's very similar to this:

  11. I did make resolutions this year and I will say I am about 50/50 on keeping them. At least I am trying and that's alot for me.

    Good Luck with your promises to yourself

  12. DD is not the only one- I don't have one either. I don't know exactly why.
    I have heard good things about the rabbit, and am going to a "Tupperware" Party this month. (I've been calling it that around people who don't need to know that I'm going to a sex party-and to invite the other admin's at my job without the straight men getting all flustered. The gay men are going, too...) Who knows...
    I may end up having to blog about the whole experience. It will be the second I attend, the first I was only eighteen and very I'm married and well, not so shy.

    And about the lesbians at the gym-one may become the friend you need in your town! ;)

  13. Kevin, I have seen those and I did have one but it didn't vibrate, I lost it 5 years ago.

    Diana, perfect time for you to pick one up for yourself!

  14. First time visitor, but I have to add my 2 cents, you NEED a collection. Different days, different moods.... the "tupperware" parties, if you host one, keep you well supplied.


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