Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Situation: Crisis

I am a good Mom, I know I am but when it comes to crisis, I know how much I will suck at being a Mom. I have no idea how I will clean up a child's puke without writhing on the floor, crying and puking myself. If there is massive amounts of blood anywhere, I will be found laying on the ground, passed out. If there is ever a bone protruding out of skin, I will just die.

But today I passed my first motherhood crisis test: A foreign object up the nose.
Baby B decided at lunch today to stick a dried cranberry waaaaaay the fuck up her nose. I tried to get it out with tweezers to no avail, coaxed her to blow out and even put black pepper under her nose so she could sneeze the sucker out.
No good.

We went to the doctors office and an alligator tweezers, a great doctor and 20 minutes later we were cranberry free in all of our orifice's.
Wait until the insurance gets that $90 bill for a cranberry extraction.



  1. My friends little boy put two whole almonds up his nose and they had to go to the doctor to get them out! I understand how freaked out you must have been- I would have been too!

  2. I think I could of handled a lodged object in the nose ok. I've had two mommy-crisis moments. Moment #1 came when my son decided to climb a chair onto the table, fell backwards, and had a bleeding gash on the back of his head. I panicked and called 911.

    Moment #2 came when he had diarrhea, and lots of it. But that's not the bad part. The bad part came when he took off his diaper, and rubbed it all over his bedroom floor rug.

  3. I've been online for 5 minutes this morning, and this is the SECOND post I've seen where someone's kid stuck a dried cranberry up their nose, requiring a trip to the doc for extraction. Weird. I think I'll call my wife to tell her to make there's no dried cranberries within the kids' reach today.

  4. On second thought, this is too coincidental..... E doesn't have his own blog, does he? That other one is authored by a 35 year-old guy from New Jersey in biotech sales... also a father of 2 year-old twins. One of whom stuck a dried cranberry up her nose yesterday.

  5. yuck. but the pepper idea? sheer brilliance. you go!

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