Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Weekend Review

The weekend was good all in all. We didn't go to Live 8, but watched most of it on TV, how great was Pink Floyd?
Saturday we also went to the children's museum with the kids for awhile. They enjoyed it as always and I enjoyed the fact it was empty which is a rarity.
Sunday we hung around the house and went to the local firework celebration. We had a great time, they had food, a terrific band and the best fireworks I had ever seen. The babies loved their first fireworks, but later complained they were "too loud".

Yesterday we had "thanksgiving in July" where I made a turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes instead of BBQing again. It was gooood!
This morning the kids and I went to story time at the pottery barn kids right by my house. We go weekly in an attempt to do something different and to maybe make a friend for Mommy. No friends yet, but maybe next week.

We really couldn't do much this weekend because we are broke. Broke, broke.
Like, "I am afraid I may lose my job because I can't afford to do lunches and I hope I have enough money for gas to go to work because my car is a gas guzzler, maybe this house was out of our means on one income" broke.
That is broke.
Mostly this came as a surprise to me because E had been keeping it from me partly out of embarrassment and partly to not stress me. Well, I am officially stressed.
My hair is falling out in clumps because of all the stress. We are in bad shape and I need to go back to work part time, E is looking for a new job and a second job.
E is really depressed and feels he is a failure, which he is not. It is a lot of pressure on him and it makes me feel terrible to see him so sad & depressed.
It is really expensive here in NJ and we live in a relatively cheaper part of the state!

If you could, please send us good vibes, we really need it now.


  1. Money problems suck big-time.... and they can really put a lot of stress on a marriage, too. Like I keep telling Trish.. it takes more than love to make a marriage. That said, there are many ways to economize. We've found Ebay is a good source for kids' clothing... especially since they outgrow them so fast. We've gotten an awful lot of stuff in very good shape - often new or like-new - off Ebay. Makes me wonder how some of these mothers keep their kids from trashing their clothes like ours do.
    As I've said before, though, our money problems aren't due to a shortage of income.. it's due to a lack of discretion in spendng the money we have. One would think this would be an easier problem to solve, but not necessarily so, as it involves breaking some old habits and making a real commitment to modify behavior. In some regards, just getting more money to come in may be an easier feat.
    One interesting anecodote, though. After one of my tirades about spending a couple of months ago, Trish sought comfort from one of her friends.. the mom of one of Logan's schoolmates who we've gotten to be pretty good friends with. Well, it turns out this mom used to be some big exec and actually turned down a job paying close to $250k to be a full-time mom. Her husband makes a fraction of that, so things are REALLY tight for them... she cuts their kids' hair... they won't buy take-out pizza because she can buy all the ingredients and make it at home for about a quarter of the cost... and ths woman has it all costed out, too... I mean, I thought I was cheap, but she taught me a few things! She turned us on to a new grocery store that cut our weekly grocery bill by about $50 - and we buy all the same stuff as before... takes some extra effort, but those nickels and dimes add up fast. I'm encouraging Trish to talk to this woman about money management as often as they can get together.

  2. UR, you are right, money problems are a big strain on the marriage. I won't let it break us though.
    I have a ton of stuff I could sell on ebay but I need someone to walk me through it, I have no idea what I am doing.

    I do cut coupons, I rarely spend money on myself I do buy the kids stuff but not often and usually nothing big.
    We just need to make more money to pay all of our bills every month & save and spend some extra.
    bottom line. Sucks.

  3. akanjgulf10:36 AM

    I can appreciate how you feel, as I have been down the lack of money road.
    It did take a little while as I was able to change jobs and refianance my mortage to a lower rate and take some cash out while paying the same monthly rate.
    I know there is hope for you and yours.
    Keep your head up.

  4. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Well, one thing I've found to be helpful is to take a look at the grocery store flyers online each week. It has really kind of changed up where I do my shopping because I found that where I was shopping wasn't always the least expensive.
    As for the ebay thing, I know that there are places that let you bring in your stuff to sell on ebay and take the pics and put them up on ebay for you. You have to give a percentage of the sales to them i think, but that could be really helpful. Oh, I also turn the air up whenever we leave the house so that will save a little on the ridiculous bill. Oh, and one other thing is that I try to use what's in my pantry before I buy more. I used to just buy stuff at the store and not use what I already had, or I would find that I bought duplicate because I didn't check my pantry. I almost always buy store brand everything. There are some things I just won't buy the store brand for, but most things taste the same or work the same.
    Take a relaxing bath if you get a chance. I wish you all the best in the rough time.

  5. Thanks Robyn and Ron.
    We are trying here!


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