Friday, July 01, 2005

All Better

I feel much better now, thank goodness. How do people take care of their children when they need to be taken care of themselves? I have E, and he can come home early, so that made me all better. I really needed someone to watch the kids while I recuperated.

We decided not to go to Live 8. It is just too much with the street closings and parking situations over by the art museum. It would have been great to be there, but I am sure I will be able to see it and hear it better on TV. Cuba Libre will have to wait, but not long because I will be there soon. I love a good mojito. We have no plans for this holiday weekend, I don't plan on driving to my hometown because the traffic is horrendous in NJ this time of year. I hope we can just have a relaxing weekend because E is so stressed about financial problems. I am too actually so much so that my hair is falling out. Not good. I have to look for some part time work and it is not as easy as I thought.

So send us good vibes will ya, oh yeah and also send us a winning lottery ticket!


  1. Good! That is so not fun :)

  2. We can commiserate together about financial problems. Ours aren't created by a lack of income, but by a lack of discretion in spending that income. This week was a good one, though. Maybe I ranted and raved enough last weekend.

  3. Have you ever thought about working at home? I know it's a crazy thought with twin toddlers. I have a 2 1/2 year old and it can be nutty at times, but hey, money is money afterall.

  4. Both my sister and a friend took medical transcription classes online and work from home doing that. It's nice because it doesn't need to be done during business hours, and it pays really well. Good luck, financial woes suck.

  5. Anonymous12:08 PM

    That's good that you feel better, but it sucks to be hit with financial problems. That medical transcriptionist thing sounded good. I might actually look into it because I always feel guilty that I'm no longer contributing to the family income while taking are of my son. I really don't know how much you need to make in this part time job, but I've always wanted to work in a bookstore like Barnes and Noble or Borders. I love books and that environment. And you can borrow a book for like two weeks without having to buy it, as long as you return in saleable condition.
    Anyways, good luck!

  6. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  7. Pink Lady what do you do?
    Am, I should take such a class. I wonder how much they cost. I could work from home.
    Thanks guys!

  8. I work at home for a company called Sterling Testing Systems. ( I do employment verifications, and education verifications. All the training and work is done from home. I love it. The pay isn't the greatest, but it's a paycheck none the less. I am unsure if they are hiring right at the moment, but the work is easy to do and there's no stress involved, which, with kids at home, is a good thing!

  9. I should also add, there is another place where you can work from It took awhile to hear back from them, they are mostly a inbound call house...I certified with HSN and took calls for them, there are others you can get offered once you're there awhile..Direct Response, Office Depot, etc.


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