Monday, July 11, 2005

Hot Hot Hot

I am planning on hibernating today because it is going to be 96 here today and that kind of
heat + me= enemies. The babies never seem to drink enough when we are outside either which make me nervous they are dehydrating. Then I picture myself rushing them to the emergency room because they haven't had a wet diaper in 5 hours and that kind of stress I do not need.

This week we have all kids of things planned, story time at Pottery barn kids, swimming, a trip to my Aunts house and a BBQ at my friends house. Summer fun finally!

On a side bar, you know what else pisses me off about South Jersey as opposed to north Jersey? No Italian ice. They have water ice, which obviously is as redundant as it is strange. Hello, I need a good Italian ice not slush with a tiny bit of flavor. Even the ice cream man doesn't have ices. Very sad.


  1. North Jersey in the hiz-ouse!

    It was so bloody hot today!!! I can't take the heat, and my little one is just sweating up a storm. Tomorrow, I am piling us both into her baby pool for the whole day!

  2. summer fun - Enjoy ! And maybe you get your kids their own water bottles which they can hold on to and sip up every 30 mins or so.


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