Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I have to go to the gynecologist, and lets just say it is not my favorite place to visit in the world. I hate the waiting, the waiting again in the little cold room with no magazines. I hate that they give you false hope by calling you into that little room, separating you from your only form of entertainment in the doctor's office: people watching.

Then they make you strip down and put on the, easily ripped, blue robe of death. I pile all my clothes neatly on the chair being very careful to hide my underwear and bar under my clothes. Why do I do this? Do I think the doctor would be shocked to find out I wear underwear? Has the doctor not seen panties before? So I second guess myself but I still play hide the panties with myself.

Then I just sit and wait, all the while the stirrups are mocking me. "You are going to be spread eagle for all the world to see in just awhile" "your breast are going to be fondled by a woman who will not be buying you a drink first" and my favorite mock " you obviously waxed just for this appointment and the doctor knows it".

Ahhh, I dread it, I really do.
I dread any activity when someone tells me "ok, now scoot down a little more........A little more>.."


  1. Totally! I have never had a man doc before unitl this last time and I was so nervous. It was all good in the end, but still I was totally shy. Good luck!

  2. LMAO. Your post today had me giggling. I told my OB/GYN they should offer waxing there. Why the hell not...I figure I'm already spread eagle with my feet in the air, what better position? And ITA with the underwear hiding. I always wondered if other people were like me and hid the underwear too LOL. Thanks for making me smile today.

  3. Why do we hide our bra and undies? I've always done this. I fold them neatly, then hide between the shirt and bottoms. And I always make sure I'm waxed (brazilian, thank you!) a few days before LOL. I don't want to be the one the doc's dread seeing I guess.

  4. I will cop to it....I am a panty hider in hiding as well!

  5. I totally hate going there, too. Two more weeks, already hating it. I had to laugh about your post though...

  6. I hide my undies too. Why, exactly????

  7. Panty hiders unite!



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