Monday, July 25, 2005


Yesterday we went to the beach with the kids. We live about 40 minutes away from a beach that I spent my childhood summers at. It is strange being there as an adult and having my own kids there, I still feel like I am 12 as I drive down the main street and look at what has changed and the few things that are the same. It plays like a movie in my head, flashes of memories, the movie of my life.

Anyway the beach was great, the most crowded I have ever seen it though. The babies had a great time, but this year they will not go near the ocean. They wouldn't in Florida either, but last year they couldn't get enough of it. I guess it is scary, so we just hung out on the dry sand and played. Next time we go to the beach I have to bring another person, because going into the water by yourself because your spouse has to watch the kids is boring.

Now are are hunkered down in the house because the next two days here are going to be "excessively hot" with the heat index peaking tomorrow at 110 degrees.

Help me I am melting.

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  1. Yeah I am in the house with you!


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