Thursday, July 21, 2005


I am in love with the fact that I am not the only panty hider, there are many of you that slip those undergarments into a pants pocket or between folds of your tops. I for one, will stop hiding my underwear immediately and lay it loud and proud on top of my clothes.
I am proud to wear undergarments and I want the entire office to know about it!

Pink Lady said they should offer waxing in the office in addition to a nice pap. I agree!
Why stop there though? Why not pedicures? How about a doctor who can teach us great vagina tricks, that would be great. I would love to do tricks with my vagina for long car rides or boring parties. Why not a tour for men who have no idea how a women's body works and thinks his two pumps will satisfy his girl? Maybe a vaginal laser light show!

Then everyone would have a good time at the OBGYN. Life is supposed to be fun, right? For the doctor as well as the poor soul spread eagle on the table, panties all hidden.
I am going to try to make it more fun for my doctor.

As a matter of fact I think I will practice paying my co-pay with my vagina.


  1. On SJ you said, "jimmy arms'

    what is a jimmy arm/leg???

  2. Kristine,

    Jimmy Leg:
    an unconscious tick in the leg during sleep; may wake partner.
    see also: jimmy arm

    My girlfriend's got the jimmy leg! She keeps kicking me! I can't sleep!

  3. Tuesday, you're a hoot!

  4. My name is Martini, and I too ... am a panty hider.

    I agree about making That Doctor Visit more interesting. I hope your co-pay experience goes well.

    PS ... YAY for you going to your annual appointment ... an annual pap smear is your best defense against cervical cancer! :)

  5. Imagine the Doctors surprise finding little toys when he/she goes in for the exam. Cant say I have done this medically, but when a man gets down there, finding anything that doesn't belong would a serious fright. Maybe half a cucumber, a slice of eggplant, a small GI Joe with no arms, half an Almond Joy.. You get the drift.. I am happy to have a penis....

  6. Ahhh I get it!!

    Thank you!! i had to book mark you so I wouldn't loose you!!

  7. LOL that was cute...I am gonna talk to my Doc about this, tell her I need a good wax anyway before the baby comes...get rid of all that mess!! LOL

  8. You are so clever!!! I too would like to do vagina tricks!!! Isn't that what those kegel muscles are for??????? Maybe you could open a bottle of soda with your kegel muscles. Anyone thirsty??

  9. Anonymous4:16 PM

    So, are you aware of the fact there are shows in Thailand you can go and watch a woman do vagina tricks? Stuff like dropping quarters, one at a time, in a stack??


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