Friday, July 22, 2005

All I Ever Wanted

Seems like everyone is on vacation this week. All my blogger friends.
E and I wanted to go away for our fifth anniversary in September, which we have planned to do since we returned from our honeymoon, but financially we cannot afford it.

Whatever, there are worse things in the world. I am going to focus on the positive.
The positive for this weekend is that I am in full alcohol supply. That means the capt'n and I will be mingling with a bit of pineapple juice and calling it a night. Before we will call it a night we will watch Being Bobby Brown on tivo and love every minute of the trainwreck that is his life.

Ahh Fridays..............


  1. i have capt'n and lemonade on the menu tonight. YEE HAW (or should that be AYE MATEY?!)

  2. OH the cap'n an I have sailed many a rough waters.

    "That's not an eyepatch...that's my girlfriend's underwear!"
    My best friend would say that everytime he got drunk on the Captain.



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