Monday, July 18, 2005


Yesterday we went to my friends house for a BBQ. It was a great time except for the weather. It was SO humid that just sitting down you were dripping with sweat. It was so humid that 12 hours after I took a shower my hair was still damp.

The babies are so pooped from yesterdays festivities that they are taking a 3 hour nap for me now. Bonus Mom time!
I think we will be stuck in the house the next two days because it is so hot & humid here, we all might melt.
Thank god for central air conditioning and who ever invented it. I also want to thank the good lord above for blueberries, "favorite" T shirts from the gap, iced tea, flip flops, peonies, four seasons, bonus Mom time, new baby smell, gardenias and drawstring pants.

Did I forget anything?

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  1. They say next weekend is supposed to be nice - by late this week the humidity should break and Saturday will be about 83 and DRY (no rain, no humidity, no haze). I sure hope so, its like living in hell right now!


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