Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Kids are asking me 299 thousand questions a minute.
E is away on business.
L has a cough,
I am so sick and have been since 2am on Monday.
I have to go give blood again today and I am beginning to think all doctors are vampires. I have given blood at least 20 times this past year.

Sick. Alone. No help. Ugh.


  1. Anonymous8:26 AM

    We are all sick here as well. Just to be able to stay in bed, with my eyes CLOSED...

    ah...I can dream.

    Feel better soon!

  2. Hope you are better soon. Will E be home soon? Maybe he can take care of the little ones while you get some rest.

  3. AWWW I am sorry honey. Wish you were here.


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