Wednesday, February 07, 2007

This One Is For The Men. Thank Me Later.

I don't think of Valentine's Day as the one day to say how you feel or give a gift to your lover. I think of it as another romantic day we have together. We want to know we are still loved as much as when we were dating, when we were in the "new".
Women love romance. Here it is men, the total secret to how to make a woman happy all the time, women want to feel as if they are still dating, when everything was new and fresh.
We want to feel special and appreciated.

Roses in any color, unless you know this is your wife's very favorite flowers are best left at the florist.
Too cliche.

I would much rather have a huge bouquet of zinnias or peonys. Send the flowers to her work, she wants her friends to see.
Take one of your wedding photos and have the florist re-create her bridal bouquet. HUGE romance points.

Take a picture of the two of you together, that you both like and have it blown up in black and white and then framed. Bring her breakfast in bed, think heart shaped pancakes and warm maple syrup.
Plut on your wedding song and dance with her, even amongst the mess.
Play with her hair, touch her face.

If you are budget-less plan a romantic long weekend and surprise her the day you leave. Plan everything yourself, childcare, the B&B, pack the champagne.
Buy these.

If you really know your wife well, buy her a brand new outfit and make reservations to her favorite restaurant. Let her come home and find it there on the bed, with a note, telling her how amazing she will look in it.

You will never go wrong with chocolate covered strawberries, buy them at a Godiva store or even better, make them. They sell the easy chocolate near the strawberries in the grocery store, if you can use a microwave you can make these.
Feed them to her after the kids go to bed.

Maybe some sexy lingerie and a vibrator to spice things up. Nothing trashy, nothing out of her comfort zone, no red. Think wedding night.
This gift is really for you so you have to make it romantic.

Life gets in the way of romance sometimes, we have to remember to make time for it.
It is no better time then a cold and bleak day in the middle of February.


  1. Yummy Godiva Chocolate covered strawberries...excuse me while I wipe my chin and keyboard...

    I wish my husband read blogs...

  2. Diana just print it out and leave it around the house!

  3. EXACTLY. Well said!

    Now I'm going to forward this link along...


  4. Nice meeting you!! I long for chocolate now you know LOL.

  5. Great suggestions. We don't really do Valentine's Day per se because our anniversary is so close to that date. But, these are practical things a guy could and should do on any occasion.


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