Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fry This

I am off to the free movies with the kids. I really hope I do not fall asleep in the theater and my kids are left to fend from themselves.
That would not be so good.

Last night I figured something out, I am a terrific cook but a terrible fryer. I never fry foods, well maybe a chicken cutlet here or there, but other then that no frying for me.
Yesterday I wanted to try making chicken fried steak. I have no idea why, I think I saw it on a commercial and wanted it. I went to the store bought the ingredients, and tried my hand at it.
No good.

All the breading comes off when I turned the meat to brown the other side. I even tried double dipping it into the buttermilk, flour and back again.
Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

I am not sure it matters, I doubt I will try frying again. I am glad it is unhealthy, I don't want fried foods anyway.

That is a lie, I will just have to order out for all my fried food needs.


  1. I have no real advice for your breading falling off meat, but if you want to have definite success frying something....get a can of biscuits! Stretch them out a little, fry until golden brown (it doesn't take long, just a minute a side or so), let cool then dredge in powdered sugar.

    Big surprise, something fried in oil and dredged in sugar is really tasty.....it's very easy though

  2. Hmm, I never used flour when doing the steaks, just the chicken. For the steaks I dip in an egg/milk mix, then bread, then re-dip, re-bread. Occasionally I have trouble when I flip, but not too much. The real trouble comes once the steaks are done. The breading all falls off when I try to cut them, but I figure by then it's OK.

  3. rebecca, are you trying to get my ass stretched to Saturn??

    erin, I would be happy with that!

  4. Ha...well, don't look at me...all I know how to make is sloppy joes.

  5. It's so sick that I know this, and I'm almost embarassed to admit this, but I know the secret of good breading. After you bread your meat, dry it on a cooling rack for 15 minutes or so. This allows the breading to set and stay put. And so concludes your heart-attack tip of the day!

  6. meg, my arteries thank you.

  7. All I can say is that I once ordered chicken-fried steak at a restaurant because it sounded insanely delicious and it was probably one of the grossest things I ever put in my mouth. I am sure it's good under the proper circumstances but damned if I know what they are.

  8. um, chicken fried steak? aren't you in jersey?!


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