Thursday, June 07, 2007

Seriously, Send Help.

Hey! What's new?
Oh, really? Nothing new around here either, hey? Have I mentioned my in-laws are coming today?
No? Wow, that must have slipped my mind.

Yeah. The in-laws are coming, coming coming.

Wow, that still hasn't sunk in and they are arriving in about six hours. The greatest part is that they have to stay here the whole time because my sister in law is in the process of moving out of her house and has no place for them to sleep. Yay me!

When we first moved in here, I ordered two full beds to be delivered the day after we closed on the house, so that my in-laws had somewhere to sleep. They are for my kids, who will be transferring to them in a couple of weeks because they are way too tall for their toddler beds.
Anyway, my father in law is tall like my husband, and always complains that his feet hang off the bed and how hot it is upstairs and how he never sleeps well here.

Um. See ya. WTF?
Nobody asked for you to sleep here. Actually when they first announced they were coming, they said they were going to stay in a hotel so they could get a better sleep. Then they found out how much that would cost them and all of a sudden my new full size beds is good enough for them.

If they were actually nice to me and didn't talk behind my back and weren't too faced ("Oh Tuesday, the kids are so good you are doing such a great job with them" "what is wrong with her?") maybe I would offer up our room but no refuge for a whole week? I don't think so. I need to retreat into my closet and cry for E while he is at work.

Who wants to come over and play with me so I can get out of the house?

send help.

edit: The only thing that is keeping me from running away is the news that the Sex and the City movie is really happening. Yipee. Who wants to join me for cosmo drinking and Jimmy Choo shopping?


  1. Eeeek... Sounds like fun. Lots of fun. My f-i-l and his new wife are "passing through" next month and to be polite we invited them to stay at the house instead of a hotel as they had planned. Turns out she's too allergic to cats (I have 2) so they can't stay with us. Ever. Maybe you could try cats?

  2. Erin, I have tried cats, we have two. One of them loves my mil more then us.

  3. Ok so did you stock up on alcohol? You need those new flip flops I saw that have a built in flask so you can drink when you are out with them :) Good luck! Call me if you need to vent!

  4. you can always make an emergency visit to CA!! ;)

  5. Tell them you have TB... ;-)

  6. You have my sympathy.

  7. Oh, and I just wanted to add that I think it's so generous of you to treat all of us to cosmos and Jimmy Choo's.

    Thanks! ;)

  8. Oh wow. I am thinking of you LOTS and LOTS.

    My in-laws are great guests but we recently had one of Marc's childhood friends and his wife and kids stay wiht us. The mom and the oldest are high maintenance who have very strong opinions about EVERY FREAKING THING! DEAR GOD. I was ready to lose my mind. And then I was asked to babysit the oldest for "three hours or so." I ended up watching her for EIGHT hours. I think they wanted to stay longer... The mom was sort of "fishing" for an invite to stay another night but I acted like I had no idea what she was hinting at. And was all, "Well, great to see you. I'm sure you want to get back home here soon. Seeyalaterbye!" (Slam door hitting them in the ass on the way out.)

    That being said. I FEEL for ya woman. Hope it goes well and the week goes by fast.

  9. cosmos and Jimmy choos?!?!?! I am SO there!!!!!

    screw the inlaws...go shopping, let them stay with the kids. If they don't sleep good, tell them there's a Motel 8 just down the road...they'll leave the light on for them.


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