Friday, June 15, 2007

It's Either That Or Nothing

What's that? Fathers Day is this Sunday you say?
Who knew? Not me I can tell you that. With all the in-law excitement and the husband/wife quarrels, I had no idea.
I am sure my husband will be OK with a card that is in Spanish made for a great grandfather, because I am sure that is all that is left at Hallmark.

Oh well, perhaps I should go the (easy! cheap!) Fish route and give him a bj for Father's Day. It is better then a stupid tie, that I know.

I have to be the #1 wife in the world.
Have to be.


  1. So you mean I don't have to give and present AND a bj? I can just do one or the other?? Man he has been fooling me for years!!!!

  2. Men are soooo easy to please. Now, you don't see THAT in the Sears catalog, do you? ;)

  3. ::sigh:: I'll get socks.

  4. Better yet... you make up a coupon book, each coupon good for a particular favor. Just be sure to rip up each coupon as it's used, lest you run the risk of them getting dug out of the trash and re-used.

  5. UR, I guess you have to give back your man card now that you gave away a man's best secret: doubles.

  6. um, you're the second best wife. we have steak and blowjob night on the 23rd of every month.

    and still, my gag threshold is not very impressive .... :)

  7. nita, I was willing to throw in a card, but steak? Now you are pushing it!

    Kevin- ask for one, it is your day.


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