Friday, June 29, 2007

Whole Fun

I chose to believe the men who work at Whole foods are all in love with me instead of that maybe they are just trained to be so nice and friendly. I swear, if you are having a bad day just go to WF and you will get nice attentive men and woman willing to help you, talk about your day and they are always smiling.
Maybe it is a cult.

E comes home today and I am so ready to have someone else watch the kids. Although he has to work tomorrow which means I have to find something for the kids and I to do, again. I swear, finding activities to do every day is a hard part of being a mother. Next summer I am just going to join a pool and be done with it. that is what we are doing every day.
At least I will have a nice tan.


  1. The people at my Whole Foods suck. Maybe I need to move to Jersey.

  2. I love Whole Foods. I don't get there much, but the people are so nice and I love the food!

  3. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Gotta have a nice tan. ;)

    I suppose the staff is alright at Whole Foods here... they're a bit too crunchy for me though.
    It can be tedious keeping a child entertained, a mother's job never ends. ;)

  4. Anonymous1:48 PM

    I dont think I've ever been to whole foods.

    And come visit me up here - you can leave the kids with your hubby! lol

  5. LOL we don't have it here. Perhaps if I was single it would be a good place to pick up men though HUH?

  6. bibi, sure!

    you guys have to move near a whole foods, perhaps near the one in my town, The guys at WF are hot and we can be friends!

  7. yeah, the whole foods guys are in love with me, too. they must be allowed to drink!

    go to the library! they usually have something good going on ... i take my kid there where she harasses other kids. that's fun!

  8. That sounds far better than going to Shop and Save. (Oh and my guess is WF doesn't stock apples that look ok from the outside, yet when you bite into them, you find they have big, furry, black holes in them. Ick.)

  9. Now that must be some customer service! Geeez, they don't do that around here. Usually they just point when you ask where something is nowadays.

  10. No, they are totally in love with you! Because if they're not, then the men at Central Market aren't in love with me either...and I'm not prepared to face that.

  11. I SO need to go to Whole Foods now!

  12. I've never been to Whole Foods, though we do have them around here. From what I've heard, it's a little high-brow for us, but if the women are as nice as the guys you have described, it could be worth a look-see. Of course, the guys are probably more in lust than in love, and with good reason, I might add.

    We joined the YMCA this year, so we have access to several nice outside pools this summer. I can tell you, the kids' reaction has been overwhelmingly positive so far. They get to go and make friends and play... though they definitely want some level of parental involvement in the water. But it makes for an easy way to kill an afternoon outside and get them tuckered out some so they konk out at night.


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