Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Here Comes The Sun

Did you ever eat something all the time and place it back in the cabinet for later use when one day, after years of placing the item back into the cabinet, you read the label and it says "refrigerate after opening"?

WTF? Who knew you had to refrigerate chocolate syrup after opening? I thought it was a cabinet staple. Cold, thick chocolate syrup is not what I am into, I want room temperature syrup.

What else do you keep in the fridge after opening, peanut butter? Syrup?

Yesterday I did fall asleep at the movies with the kids.
In my defense Clifford's Really Big Movie is the Really Worst Movie and I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. It was a small cat nap and I feel terrible, but the kids did not notice and they were still there when I woke up! Bonus!


  1. PB in the fridge is the worst. You can't spread it on the bread. I know people who actually do this.

  2. My mother puts the syrup in the fridge, which drives me crazy 'cause 1) I can't find the damn syrup; and 2) cold syrup pours too slow and cools the pancakes/waffles.

    My husband doesn't keep the ketchup in the fridge, which I think it should (disclaimer: I do keep a bottle of ketchup in the car for those emergency drive throughs).

  3. If you want to stir up a controversy, ask about refrigerating ketchup or salad dressing.


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