Monday, August 20, 2007

Getting Old

My Mom is here visiting us for a long weekend. It has been great to see her without having to share her with my sister! E is home safe and sound from his big camping trip. This trip made him realize that he is not young anymore and sometimes things that you did when you were in your twenties is not as much fun when you are in your thirties married with kids.
Something I guess we all learn the hard way.

I learned my lesson when I stayed up all night while my sister was having her second child, then drove home in the early morning. My days of staying out all night in NYC then going home to shower and going to work, were long over. It took two days of naps and good night sleeps to get me back in action.
It was a sad realization.
Almost as sad as realizing that some early gray hairs doesn't just mean that those few will hang out, that they will invite every single gray hair they know to a party on your head and they will never, ever leave.

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