Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Girl And Her Breakdown

E is making his annual trek here to meet with all his granola friends and acquaintances. He would go every year when I first met him with his best friend/roommate and some of his other friends. Since I have never been camping and have no desire to do so, The Fold Fest is not for me. Sitting alone dirty in the woods with E is borderline tolerable, sitting dirty in a field with hundreds of other dirty and smelly people is where I draw the line.
One day I think I will surprise E and his best friend and say I am going with them. They would be so excited. Then E would dread it because he knows me and my tolerance level of dirt.

I can't help but feeling jealous and mad at E for his getaway. E goes away on business no less then 4 times a year. He goes to visit his best friend for a weekend at least twice a year and every other year he goes to Fold Fest (this time he is going 2 years in a a row). In all fairness, I told him he should go and he needs a break, which who doesn't?
When do I get my break? I have never been away from the kids for more then 6 hours in four and a half years. I don't go out on girl's night. I do not have friends here. E suggested when he gets home that I go for a day at the spa. I need my hair cut and highlights touched up but I would feel to guilty to do anything else.
Sometimes I think of going to a hotel by myself and order room service and get a massage, but then I think of all the things I could do with that money. I need to buy new booster car seats for the kids, now I need a new camera, the kids need clothes for the fall as well and E & I.
It is my fault, I should just do it and not allow the guilt to creep in. I deserve it.

So who is in? Who never gets a day off and deserves one? Lets all meet up in a posh hotel and order delicious food and get spa treatments!


  1. I occassionally get an afternoon of shopping at the Metro, but I have never had a girl's weekend away. What you need to do is book your time now for the 2008 BlogHer which is in NYC. That can become your traditional get away from the family to spend with the girls!

    I should have went this year. Chicago was just a 45 minute flight.

  2. I too, have never been away from my daughter for more than a few hours at a stretch...going back to work part-time these past few weeks has been tremendously relaxing, if you can believe that.

  3. dd, you should have, but NYC in 08 is better, I can show you around!
    Brooke, I can believe it!

  4. Tuesday,

    That sucks that you haven't had any time away in so many years. Speaking from the guys side, I have my occasional weekends with my friends, but I try very hard to make sure to give my wife her time to get away also. Have you tried talking to E about needing more than just a day at the spa?

  5. Who needs a posh hotel? I would be happy with a Holiday Inn with room service and wireless internet :)

  6. I can't remember my last vacay. Last fall, I took the hellions to Nantucket to see the Blue Angels. But that was so loud they wanted to leave on Saturday night, rather than stay another day. So that was just a daytrip. Of course, one reason I haven't vacated anywhere is I know I'll get stuck taking Trish and all the kids and I'll be more po'd when I get back than when I left, so why bother. But I can't think of anything I'd like more than to check into a posh hotel with some hot milfs. I mean mamas. I mean hot sexy ladies. And Trish will be gone for 10 days after today. So while the cat's away....

  7. delton, my husband knows and offers me breaks to go out with my friends etc. He even has the baby sitter coming during the days he will be gone to give me a break. It just seems liek Dads have it so much easier. Sigh.

    Coma, I need posh right now! : )

    UR, Aww I miss nantucket. I bet you will play you cat daddy!

  8. I'm there with you.

    Just for one week (okay, the rest of our lives) I'd like to transfer all my mommy guilt to him. He has no problem at all golfing twice a week. I feel guilty for shopping for 2 hours without the kids.

  9. Just tell me when and where, and I'll be there. Since Hubby works weekends, even my time off is never truly "off" time.

  10. double edged sword, huh? you must get past the guilt and i suggest doing it with guilt! seriously, it totally works for me. i tell myself 'you MUST go shopping and leave her with the sitter. you'll relax a bit and you'll both be happy to see one another so go!' and i do. and if you're so smacked up over the $$$, go to a wicked cheap hotel for one night and do nothing but read and watch tv and eat takeout. even for one night, you'll feel like a different person.

    my 2 cents. E is willing - guilt yourself into it. the kids emailed me, they need a break :)


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