Thursday, August 02, 2007

Benefibertini Anyone?

Well, I am glad you peeps like my pale white legs. Unfortunately they are still pale, my legs take forever to tan.

I wish I was at the beach today, I took the kids outside to paint this morning and I lasted 15 minutes. It is so hot and humid today and the fact that there is no shade in my backyard until afternoon, made me head for the central air conditioning. Good thing my children are fast painters.

Maybe I could have them do my bathroom and another coat in my bedroom?

I am young (ish) but I have come to a point in my life where I am either in denial of my age or I have no memory. I keep filling out forms or telling people I am 32, not 33. Either way, it is not a good sign. Another reason I know I am old? I now have to take a heaping scoop of Benefiber in my morning and afternoon juice. It is just a glass of prune juice, yet.

Without getting into too much detail, I am past being irregular. I am eating fiber rich foods but I need a boost, something besides my aloe pills.
It is a sad state of affairs.


  1. Also without my going into too much detail, I agree that Benefiber is a very good product.

    I just did a post last week about how I'm losing my mind and my lack of memory. God getting old (I'm 35) sucks!

  2. MIA: That's a little more information than I needed to know... but go right ahead.

    [Music starts on the old-school reel to reel]

    Girl, You'll be a woman soon....

    I love you so much, can't count all the ways
    I've died for you girl and all they can say is
    "He's not your kind"
    They never get tired of putting me down
    And I'll never know when I come around
    What I'm gonna find
    Don't let them make up your mind.
    Don't you know...

    Girl, you'll be a woman soon,
    Please, come take my hand
    Girl, you'll be a woman soon,
    Soon, you'll need a man

    Now, let me find a bag of dope somewhere, and the morning will be complete!

  3. UR, I hope if you find any, you would share!

  4. Hmmmm. Pale legs and BM issues...SWEET!

    Being clockwork-like regular, and loving it, I wish you good luck on that front.


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