Friday, August 03, 2007

You are All Invited to Dinner!

Thank you all, your prayers worked, E still has a job. We can still eat! Yippee!
To celebrate I went to Starbucks and purchased too much caffeine in the form of an iced coffee.

In other good news, they are building a Carrabbas and a Outback right next to my Target which is about 1 miles from my house. Now, usually I am not a fan of chain restaurants like Macaroni Grill, Chilli's or Fridays but I looove Carrabbas and Outback Steakhouse is the home of the blooming onion and need I say more? My husband is hoping for a Chickies & Petes to open up close to us because now that he no longer works in Philly, he has no excuse to just stop by have a beer and some crab fries with friends.

Really, thank you for caring about my family and sending out well wishes. I do love you peeps.


  1. Great news! Starbucks is cool but after a day like you two have had, I'd have hit the liquor store.

  2. Love, love, love Outback. I always get the coconut shrimp.

  3. Hooray for him & therefore you too! I think bibi's got it right, find something to toast with.

  4. Yay! Good news all around! I wish they would open up some new restaurants near me. I don't even care if they're chains as long as they're close!

  5. I'm glad hubs still has a job and your family can still eat!!

    and Outback? YUM!! You can cut through their steaks with a butter knife, they are so tender. We have a Carabbas about 30 minutes away and I haven't. been. there. yet.....(hint hint!)

  6. Never even heard of Carrabbas before now. But, since you mentioned it, I did notice one on one of those crime-tv shows I watch late at night on Discovery Times Channel.

    Outback is OK... for takeout. Every time I go to outback and eat-in, though, I am disappointed. First, they always position a hanging lamp over each table. Problem is, the lamp shade isn't quite deep enough, or the lamp isn't suspended low enough, and we always wind up sitting with some of the high-intensity light bulb exposed and it leaves a feeling of being interrogated or something. Last time we ate in at Outback, I actually unscrewed that light bulb to make it tolerable.

    I like the Queensland salad, though. And don't underestimate that kid's menu. The junior sirloin at Outback is actually a heart-healthy adult's portion. Get that done medium-rare, with a baked potato... you're all set. The only way an adult can get that is by take-out, though. And the junior ribs off the kids menu are also yummy. I swear they're not just a down-sized adult portion, either. I've had the ribs off the regular adult menu at Outback. I think the sauce might be different... or maybe the ribs a little different. Something's different. The ribs I've had off the adult menu are just "ok", but off the kid's menu.... really good. Again, go with the curbside takeaway for all that.

  7. Wow. UR, that is the most info I have had on outback ever.
    I do feel like I am being interrogated with the lighting system also!


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