Wednesday, August 22, 2007


E & I don't get out much. Since my mom was with me all weekend she babysat for us so we could get something to eat and see a movie. I see lots of movies, all of them are rated G though. The last movie E & I saw together? Vanilla Sky.
That was why I feel down when E told me the movie tickets cost $19.50. Didn't the last ticket I bought cost $4.50? How do teenagers go out on dates these days?

I am not a fan of movie theaters, I like to lie horizontally to watch anything that is over 58 minutes long. I really wanted to see Superbad though, first because George Michael Bluth is in it and I so miss Arrested Development, secondly because the trailers I have seen online looked great. So, we made the trek to the theater. I have never seen a movie so packed, actually I have the last time I saw a movie that packed was when I saw E.T., I mean people were in the front row like sardines!

It was a great movie, very funny and if you are into sophomoric body jokes and premises like getting laid before school is out, this is for you. If not, stay at home & wait for it to come on Pay Per View like I usually do. Then you can be really comfy and you do not have to pay $10.00 for a popcorn and a drink.
It was nice to get out though, I could get used to the free babysitting thing.

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  1. I am going to see it this weekend for I miss Arrested Development too.


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