Monday, August 20, 2007

I Wonder What Visa Thinks of These Purchases.

Medicines and remedies consumed by yours truly, already today:

Tums (2 pills)
Citrucel (4 pills)
Magnesium Citrate (1/2 bottle)
Colace (1 pill)
Aloe (3 pills)

I swear I am only 33.


  1. LOL, that used to be a game we would play in high school.

    We would set aside $10-$20 and go shopping finding the oddest combinations of things to buy, just so the cashier could have a good story later on.

    I remember buying a home enema kit, a plunger, and a mop.

    A friend once bought Nair and some hemmorhoid cream.

    Once, I went in with 3 girls and we bought a 3 pack of Trojans and the girls each paid their 3rd of the price and we walked out arm in arm in arm in arm.

  2. 33, what, dog years?!

    hope you're feeling better soon. oh, and hope all this doesn't cause an explosion!

  3. Anonymous5:42 AM

    go buy some colored condoms, some flavored water and some pop rocks - it'll all level out.

    Feel better!


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