Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Child is This?

Everyone loves Christmas. That is a known fact. I love everything about Christmas, the food, the decorating, the smells, wrapping gifts, family coming together and especially the music. I love Christmas music from church hymnals to Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer. I start listening to Christmas music right after Thanksgiving and stop on January 1st. I even would listen to it in my car in the summer. If I missed it, I listened to it.

Nothing makes E more mad. He hates Christmas music and he is not in love with the fact that I love it so much. He does not know the words to any Christmas music that you would sing in church. That bewilders me.
He knows songs like jingle bells, but instead changes all the words to f*ck instead. Funny the first time you hear it, not funny the 7342 other times.
He loves Christmas in every other way, but the music, it kills him.

Imagine how funny I find it that our children love Christmas music so much that it has been on full rotation for the best 3 days on their Cd player.
At full blast.

That is what he gets for us having to listen to ESPN every day for eternity.


  1. Aww girl, I'm even feeling sorry for E now. geeez-us.

  2. My husband was listening to Christmas music last night! He is such a fanatic that I usually force him to wait until AT LEAST October but he snuck one past me.

  3. My husband hates Christmas music so I can't normally play it around him without him turning the channel on the radio. I think it's a "manly" type deal.

  4. I'm a sucker for Christmas music, too! My husband doesn't like it either, though.

  5. I don't really mind the Christmas music, as long as it stays contained between Thanksgiving and New Years. We have a radio station near us that starts playing it Nov 1. My wife loves it, but that's a little too early for me.

    Tell E to keep up the ESPN brainwashing though. Eventually it'll make a difference! ;)

  6. I'm with you. Christmas is my favorite holiday by far. In my house it starts on Thanksgiving. Seriously, we're carving the turkey and eating our candied yams on Christmas china while in the presence of my tree and decorations.


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