Friday, August 10, 2007

In Other News, It is Finally Raining Here

I wanted to take a picture of the playroom to give you some insight of what it looks like when I have been to busy to have my kids pick up after themselves, but my digital camera is being very fickle.
It has been acting up for a few days, but now I fear it is gone. Dead. To the big electric store in the sky.
I am sad not only for the pictures I am missing out of, but for my wallet. I really want this, but my budget is more likely to get this. Very sad.

Which digital cameras do you people have, or recommend?


  1. HP's....I love'em. I don't buy the expensive ones and all and the one I got was only like 129. An HP Photosmart.

  2. Kristi3:16 PM

    I have the sony cybershot. I had another one a few years ago and when I upgraded I sold that one to my parents. Then, they came out with smaller ones so I bought another one. These cameras are indestructable. I let my kids use the older of the two I've got

  3. I have a Kodak DX6490.

  4. My point and shoot is a small sony- I think the cybershot...that I really like. Then I have a digital SLR (Olympus model) that I use for serious photographing. I love them both!

  5. I just had to read to see what everyone else said...we're in the market for a new camera, too. Somebody (cough--my son--cough) dropped our and it only occasionally works.


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