Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Thank goodness no Halloween candy came in this house until last night because I have already eaten enough for a week! I also cried because E put the mini peanut butter cups in with the candy to give out instead of in the freezer for my own personal stash. Stupid hormones!

Dash and Minnie Mouse are ready to go out and get more candy then they have seen in their lives. We will be eating a bowl of veggies for lunch and dinner to combat the junk we will be eating the rest of the week. It is good that I still have my strange asparagus craving. Speaking of asparagus, how much do I need this?
Parents can't trick or treat but everyone knows we beg for our kid's candy or steal some after they go to bed. What are you hoping your kids bring home for you this year? I would love a nice Baby Ruth.
I know you want to come by my house for candy we are giving away full size candy bars. Coveted by every trick or treater!

*Check back later for our trick or treat pictures. Also you can get Halloween tips and tricks here and don't forget to leave me your ghostly experiences here.


  1. Luckily, my children hate Almond Joys with a passion so I get them all. Unfortunately, I am on a diet.

    And I am far to cheap to give the brats in my neighborhood full-size candy bars.

  2. Full sized candy bars?!

    I wanna come to your house.

  3. 100 grand. or Now 'N Later's :D

  4. I taking all the M & M's for the bathroom stashes.

    They are what I'm using for Little A's potty training.

    And I've already eaten a Reese's Cup. So much for this year's promise not to do so.

  5. I really could go for some veggies right now. Ugh.


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