Wednesday, October 24, 2007

On Such a Rainy Day

I am so glad to hear that my body will never be just mine again. So reassuring.

Speaking of poking and prodding around my bod, I am going to a doctor's appointment today (I know you thought I was going to get dirty, ha, I tricked you), my scheduled appointment isn't until Tuesday, but I have been having bad pains in my stomach and back all day.
I shouldn't say ALL day because it goes away when I lay down but when I stand up or do anything, it is back.
Of course now that I turned into one of those pregnant ladies, you know the ones who call for any little stupid thing, I am sure the pains will go away.
I want to be safe so I will go.
I actually have been worrying because I have not felt the baby move yet. My 20 week ultrasound is not until Monday but it will be reassuring to hear the heartbeat today.

It is always nice to hear a heartbeat.


  1. Are you planning to find out the sex of the baby?

  2. Hope you get some reassurance at the doc office today.

    I rented a doppler online to check the heart beat anytime I feel the need to. Quite comforting.

    Hope some Tylenol and a heating pad do the trick.

  3. Hope everything went well today. Thinking of you.


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