Friday, October 05, 2007

Slumber Time

I couldn't be happier that E comes home tonight. I need some sleep!
I really can't complain because my kids have been sleeping like angels since we took them out of their toddler beds (it was about time, R was so long her feet were through the slats!) and put them into their "big boy & girl" full size beds. In their own rooms.
I thought that sleeping apart would be harder for them then it was. They had resisted the idea before and I know they depend on each other for security. They took it like troopers though, and are sleeping great.
That is, except that they have E's sleeping habits which means at least one child wakes up by 6:30 am every day. It is usually my early-to-rise son.
No matter what time you put him to bed he is up by 6:30. So why put them in bed later then 7pm? I don't and I never have. Actually, my kids went to bed by 6pm for more then 2 years with a nap during the day!

Anyway, I am needing some more sleep and E coming home will give me that. Not to mention I miss that man.
So do his kids. We really miss him.


  1. Yea for two more helping hands!

    I love it when hubs returns from a work trip. He got home last night. Sleeping in tomorrow, you can bet on it!

    Glad the transition went smoothly.

    I think we are going to move Rt from his crib to a full size on the floor when we do move him. We'll need the crib soon enough!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    It's hard to imagine my hubby being away for a week! He's my best friend. Like you, I'm a "pack animal" who needs her "peeps" to help me feel normal. :)

    Oh, and if your apple cider has cinnamon in it, drink up! Cinnamon is said to help combat diabetes and raises the metabolism!

  3. Oh God bless your babies and their sleeping habits! Not the waking at 6:30 thing, but going to sleep so early...I would love that! Sometimes it's twelve and they're still here holding my eyes open for me because I want to sleep!


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