Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mistakes and Accidents

The worst thing I do as a parent, as a person, a mistake I make every other week is bringing my kids with me while I go grocery shopping. It is a cruel punishment I inflict on myself week after week never learning a lesson.
Sometimes waiting until E gets home and getting to the grocery store at 4pm and then rushing home in traffic and making dinner the minute I step in the door is a terrible choice too.

My kids don't want to be at the store, I can't concentrate, I always end up forgetting things and yelling at them for acting up. It is a vicious cycle and I refuse to bring them unless I need 1 or 2 things, ever again.
They were fooling around enough to miss out on making caramel apples with me today.
I, just earned 2 free early, early afternoon coctails, too bad I cannot use them in my condition.

On our way to karate yesterday (L loves it!) a women hit my car from behind. She was just rolling and the kids and I were OK, but it shook me up anyway. My neck hurt right from the start but has been fine since last night. Thank goodness for seat belts!
There was no damage to my car except a bent license plate, and for that I am thankful.


  1. Glad you & the kids are ok... keep an eye on that neck... doesn't take much to tweak it!

  2. at least it was just a bent license plate and nothing worse to any of you.

    shopping with one is starting to become more challenging everyday. Don't even get me started on the car cart. It's the devil.

  3. The car cart is teh bane of my existance!


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