Thursday, October 25, 2007


My doctors want me to rest because of the pains I have been having. No lifting, no picking up my kids, no sex (ouch) and resting as much as I can for the next week until my next checkup.
Oh, and I gained 6lbs in 1 month. I celebrated by eating a piece of cheesecake after my salad. What a disgusting big fatty I am!

I am depressed about my weight now and I guess it will stay that was until after this baby comes out.
Lets hope it is a REALLY big baby and along with that lets also hope I decide to have a C section.


  1. Stay put missy! Give your body a rest and thanks now I want cheesecake and I am not even pregnant!

  2. Glad to hear rest is what the doctor ordered.

    Hang in there.

    I think you should follow your cheesecake with a piece of sour cream apple pie. ;)

  3. Amanda, Have a piece for me!

    mel, I am trying not to any more sweets but that sounds perfect!

  4. Hang in there....and milk it for all it's worth!

  5. Kristi11:41 PM

    Chin up!!! It is a proven pact that women who have a better outlook during pregnancy actually have healthier babies and have a better chance of the baby being in normal weight range adn the mom always being in normal weight gain range! !(wow, some part of nursing school really did stick inm brain!! Hooray!!!)

  6. Becky Reames5:13 AM

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