Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bra Blues

My breasts are so big at this point it is a huge task for me to wrangle them into a bra every day. I end up sweating and cursing under my breath. I am in denial about their larger size but when E walked into R's dance class yesterday and his eyes pooped out of his head upon seeing me, I can't deny it even more. Also? His "whispering" "your breasts are SO big today", in a room full of mothers, does not help.

Truth is I have always had an ample bosom, as my grandmother would say. I went from no boobs to a C cup in what seemed like months. I always was fairly proportionate so it wasn't a gross display. I am not one of those women who show off their breasts every chance they get either. I love a nice, supportive bra and believe me, I need a supportive bra. I can only hope I can find one that will expand with my ever growing boobs, but really can they get any bigger?
Don't answer that.

I am too scared to know the truth.
Instead you can just find me lifting and stuffing, working up a sweat every single bloody morning.


  1. There ya'll go again.

    Not sure why women constrict themselves in such a manner ;)

  2. Slick, unrestricted, they are not a pretty sight.

  3. I understand your pain, up until a few months ago I was buying E-cups from the maternity store and it was a sad, sad thing. Now that I stopped nursing (yeah, it only took 22 months) I am hoping to shrink em down to an amount I can handle.

    No pun intended there...really!

  4. I'm dealing with the exact same thing right now. I finally resorted to pulling out my old nursing bras from the last baby, even though I'm still six months away from needing to nurse!

  5. Kristi5:22 AM

    HOnestly, I feel the same way. I hate my big boobs (44DD). I've started sleeping in sports bras and that's the best thing I've done for myself in years. If I don't feel like doing more than throwing on sweats and a tshirt I don't have to and I can just leave the sports bra.

  6. Oh girls, E and DD cups? Eeishh.

  7. I've gone up a cup size since becoming pg. only beginning 2nd trimester tomorrow!

    we'll see how far I go. From what I recall from last time, this is about it.

    Hoping you can keep your girls under wraps without losing your sanity. Is this what we call the perks of being pg?

  8. I swear by the bras sold thru the Title Nine catalog. With that being said, at 39, two kids later my 38D babies are a little worse for wear. The good news(according to my grandmother) is that they'll keep shrinking till I'm 80 and then be hanging around my knees.


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