Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Can My Boobs Ever Be Just Mine?

Thank you guys for your gift suggestions on my last post. There are some great ideas that I think I will use this upcoming year.
I also think I have to just remind myself that maybe she will never like my gifts or me. Is that OK? Well, it will have to be because I can't control it.

Of course there are far worse mother in laws out there then mine. But I do have to give up my dream in law situation because that is just not the family I married into.


My daughter pokes my boobs every morning and says "wow, Mom, your baby is getting so big"
Then I explain (again) that the baby is growing way south of where she is poking.
It makes me wonder when will I get my body back and when do people stop poking my breasts and inspecting my body?


  1. As long as we have husbands and OBGYN's we'll be dealing with Boob poking till we're dead. lol

  2. Anonymous11:45 AM

    I think we all give up a kind of dream, to some extent. Mine is not my mil, but my Mom.

    And my daughter, who is 4, just says, "Mommy, you have big boobies!" And I'm not even preggo. No filter on that kid. LOL

  3. hubs just told me my boobs looked big.

    I said they were the same size as when he saw them last the other night.

    we are human experiments being pg and all, but growing before our eyes? i think not, right?

  4. Heeey, I ain't done no poking!

    I looove my in laws, awesome people. Sorry you have to deal with yours!

  5. Kristi8:11 PM

    Im combining my comments for the two posts. I have found it impossible to buy gifts for my in laws in California. IMPOSSIBLE. Like your inlaws, mine love pictures. So I started making them scrapbooks each year. Maybe you could do that-or let the kids make them- and include a pregnancy one. Maybe it's silly, I don't know. Just trying to help!

  6. if you get your body back.. probably never

  7. The short answer is no. You are a married woman. Need I say more?


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