Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sniffing Markers

I was reading a post over at Kerflop where she was writing about her love of all things paper. She reminded me of those markers that you had in grammar school. You know the ones, that came in a styrofoam case and smelled like fruits? I remember just sucking up as much smell as I could be cause they smelled SO GOOD AND FRUIT LIKE. I am sure me snuffing marker fumes did nothing for my overall health but oh how I loved using those markers and always wanted a set for home but I never saw them in any stores.
I can smell them right now and it brings me back to my elementary school art room.

Other things that can transport me back to being young and where days were strictly spent playing are silly putty, play doh and anything with a heavy plastic smell reminds me of baby dolls at Christmas.
Lazy days of watching shirt tails, playing with my non ho dressing Barbies, higlights magazine, coveting of Gloria Vanderbilt and (oh, la, la) Sassoon jeans and licking our ring pops. We also loved rubber bracelets and would wear them all up our arms in all colors but black was the best and big clips on one side of our head.

All of these things are still fresh in my mind and it makes me wonder what fads, shows and smells will remind my children of their childhood. I am sure Dora will be in there somewhere.
So, I want to know, what smells bring your right back to childhood or what was your favorite childhood "thing"?


  1. Oh Shirt Tales! lol I loved that show!

    Actually, what brings me back to childhood is music. My dad ALWAYS had music playing at home or in the car, ha he still does! So for me songs, old songs, bring be back to childhood. *sigh*

  2. Christmas reminds me of being a kid which is why I think I love it as much as I do. The smells, the gingerbread, the ribbon candy, the ornaments on my mom's tree, the music, the specials on t.v....

  3. ok, do you know how many people DO NOT recall SHIRT TALES??? I loved that cartoon.

    Highlights were my FAV!

    My Lite Brite brings back memories of playing in my closet. Somehow, I housed it there.

    We had safety pins with beads on them. We put them on our shoes. Friendship pins.

    Ah, the days.

  4. The smell of Strawberry Shortcake's Hair.
    Burned food- always reminds me of my mom's cooking. :-)

    And as for our kids...I am betting that Crocks will make the list!

  5. Kristi3:06 AM

    omg I remember everything y'all are talking about! You know what else gets me....? The smell from Hair Net hair spray. Any time I smell it I'm always taken back to watching my mom get ready if she and my dad were going out. I don't know if everyone had these, but in Texas they had these trucks that drove up and down the street late at night that sprayed for bugs. Mostly mosquitos, I think. Anyway, we would wait for the truck to come down our street and then all the neighborhood kids (at least the ones whose parents let them stay up late on summer nights) would run all the way up the street following it and running through the foggy stuff that came out of it. Of course, we never gave any thought to the fact that THE FOG COULD HAVE MADE US VERY SICK. might as well have run up the street breathing in asbestos!! Ah well, live and learn

  6. Mel, I forgot about friendship pins! We spent hours making them.
    Kristi, yeah you were just inhaling poison! too funny.

  7. great post, i remember making the friendship pins and definitely friendship bracelets made out of different colored thread (floss?) and the smell of colorforms are stuck in my head, babydoll plastic, the smell of the handout sheets in elementary school...still warm from the printer. The good old days. My MIL pulled out a bunch of old strawberry shortcake dolls that she had kept from her's funny to see my daughter play with them!

  8. Kristi2:40 PM

    omg jujubee is RIGHT!! The smell of the old memeographed worksheets in school smelled SOOOOOOOOO good!!

  9. I remember the safety pins with beads on them! And I remember how envious I was when I went to a birthday party and the birthday girl got a Thriller Album.

    My mom was extremely cheap so all of the fads, like Cabbage Patch kids, E-Z Bake Ovens, Smurfs, Barbies, Strawberry Shortcake, even silly little things like friendship pins, markers, and bracelets were looked at as an indulgence. My mom thought brand name clothes and other indulgences were horrible, horrible things.

    So I have alot of memories of OTHER kids having them.

  10. i still love the smell of play-doh. i would spend more time inhaling the stuff rather than molding...

  11. I have to agree with you that the plastic smell brings right back to Christmas and Barbie dolls. Everytime I use to get a new shower curtain, I had the urge to go to Toys R Us and buy a new Barbie.


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