Friday, October 12, 2007

Pants Off Dance Off

I was perusing my yellowpages this morning for some tap shoes for my daughter, R. I am having a hard time finding them for young girls, which surprises me because she has some big feet.
So there I was between Miss Sally's Dance Shop and The Shoe String when I see Exzotica- For exotic dance wear and adult novelties.

WTF? Who need exotic dance wear? Strippers? Because, I always assumed they just cut strategically placed holes in ugly bathing suits. I means these girls actually pay money for those hooker outfits? Someone is in the business of designing such monstrosities? Wow.
I am sure someone is glad they sell adult novelties there also. I just hate to make two stops when I need crotchless dance wear AND a glow in the dark, waterproof, 14 speed vibrator.


  1. a 14 speed? Damn...that's one of them industrial ones ain't it?

    You got your own generator? ;)

    Heeeey, strippers need costumes too!

  2. First it was porn, now this. You're going to get some really strange hits, I bet ;-)

  3. The thought of a 14 speed vibe makes me cringe & cross my legs! lol

  4. The first thing I thought of was that they are selling them for the pole dancing exercise, which is becoming more popular!


  5. And over to the side was there the newer models of poles...

  6. I never knew there was such a high demand for ho gear.


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