Thursday, February 28, 2008

Birth Plan

I went to my OB appointment today and I am less then thrilled with what went down. I am maybe a "finger tip" dilated (eww) and she couldn't strip my membranes. She told me "at this rate you are not going to have a VBAC". Granted she is the least supportive and the one I like the least from this practice, but still can she be any more negative?

I really don't want a C-section, of course if I go to 40 weeks or if there are any complications, I would have one. I have been there and I don't want to go through it again, I had complications, I had a hard recovery. I don't have family & friends around to help me. I have five year old twins. I **hopefully** will have a husband who works outside of the house 40+ hours a week. I have stairs to go up and down.
All of which are not helpful to a 8+ week recovery from surgery.

I have a call in to my homeopath, hopefully he will have magic herbs and potions to help me achieve a successful VBAC.
I want a healthy baby, of course but do they really have to cut me in half to get one?


  1. I've never had a c-section, so I can't speak on the recovery. Try your best for a VBAC, but if for some reason, it's not possible...You'll still have a beautiful baby in the end. I HOPE hubs helps you out! Mine didn't help me out until we had our last baby...then he was home for 2 weeks. But as soon as I felt better and put my clothes on, instead of jammies?...well, the taking care of me was over! So stay in your nightgown as long s as you can stand it!

  2. Why not go over 40 weeks? 75% of pregnancies go over 40 weeks. A few days would be worth the VBAC.
    I has a cs 6 months ago and I am still not the same. A friend of mine had 2 cs and she says she still isnt the same and it has been several years. Where I live VBAC is banned and you have to gothrough all kinds of hoops to try and have one. If you have the chance, go for the VBAc or at least a Trial of Labor. You can have a VBAC or try for one regardless of what the OB says- check out for informed refusal instructions. Wish youthe best!!

  3. my doc "made" me a finger tip dilated with my son. Can we say "OUCH!"

    Come on VBAC!!!!!

  4. Kristi7:58 PM

    When I was pregnant with my first child (after 3 miscarriages!) they sewed my cervix closed (gross!). They took it out two weeks before my due date and my ob was SURE I'd go into labor immediately. I didn't.
    A week later I was put in the hospital for what turned out (3 months later) to be my gallbladder, but that caused them to go ahead and induce. That hurt like hell, so they went ahead and did a c-sec.
    I know you said you had a hard time after your c-sec but maybe with it being a single instead of multiples you'll have an easier time. I still swear by my c-secs but if you don't want one then I'm pulling for you to get your vbac.

    I really have no idea why the hell I wrote my life story up there, but what the hell.

  5. Thanks everyone!

    I can't go past 40 weeks or be induced because that increases my risk of uterine rupture which could kill me or the baby sooooo, I am trying to be flexible but within reason.

  6. Just wanted to throw in... if you hit 40 weeks, ask your OB if you are ok and if the baby is ok... if so, why rush to CS? That's great that your OB doesn't want to induce, but it is totally your decision whether to have that CS at 40 weeks... or wait until 41 or even 42. I say this in the most gentle way... Don't feel pressured by your OB and then agree to a cesarean only to regret it later. I debated on whether to share this link with you or not... I'm trying to encourage, not badger.. such a fine line! :)
    Best of luck with your decision! :)
    Your friendly information sharing cyber-bud... :)
    Jen in CA


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