Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What People Will Do For Money

I admit it, I have hit a low with television since this writers strike. I found myself watching this show on Monday night called "The Moment of Truth". Have you heard of this show? One person is asked many questions about themselves before the show, they go on the show knowing what questions they have answered and have to answer them again in front of their family, friends and 8 million TV viewers.

There was a young woman on the show I saw who was married to a police officer. I can only assume it was her greed that led her to continue on question after question that was so uncomfortable to watch but I just couldn't change the channel. She stole money, she admitted to knowing she shouldn't marry her husband on her wedding day, she cheated on her husband and admitted that she would leave him for an ex boyfriend.
All the while I wanted to hug her husband. He looked so defeated, but urged her on because what more could be revealed? She was going for $200,000 when the question "are you a good person" came up. She answered yes and it came back as a false answer. All of that and she ended up losing all of her money. Irony? Karma?
Who knows, but it was some hour of television.
I know that even though we have hit a new financial low in the last few months, there are some things even I would not do for money.


  1. I haven't seen the show, but I think the commercials are enough to get the picture. I can't believe the questions that are asked and that people think that answering them is worth the money!

  2. I heard the sound from this episode on the radio and it made me cringe. There was another episode where the guy was an underwear model and answered all these question about how he made racial slurs against his in-laws and all kinds of things and then lost it all when they asked him if he ever stuffed during a photo shoot.

    These people, I tell ya...

  3. I haven't been able to sit through an tire show of that....when they had the Beauty Queen on there and asked her if she ever threw up....I was gone. done. who cares?!

  4. She lost the money b/c of a totally subjective question? I'd cry foul.

    And I also haven't ever seen the show. It reeks of sensationalism and trainwreckishness.

  5. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Eh, I don't watch it. BUT... I did read that that cop knew about his wife and they had agreed to split any winnings.

    Um, that would be $O. Along with a really good reputation in the

  6. Kristi1:09 PM

    Like you, I watched it in horror. I can't imagine the pain and embarassment her husband must feel.

    Sometimes the truth isn't the best answer.

  7. Oh my gosh, I saw your title and knew IMMEDIATELY what show you were talking about! Isn't this show disgusting?! (I admit to watching it,lol, sick!) I saw the one you are talking about too. I felt so awful for her husband. What was her reason for going on? My dh and I think she just wanted a divorce anyway and a boatload of money to go with. I could not believe my ears when she answered yes that she thinks she's a good person! She is lowest of the low and I cheered when she lost to that question! What a major scumbag loser. I hope her dh finds someone special!
    By the way,HI, I'm Tanya :) lol


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