Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Free At Last

Oh, hi! Remember me?
I have been MIA lately because I have been in the hospital since 9pm on Thursday night. It looks like I have some type of respiratory infection and couldn't pass air through my lungs. Not good for me or the babe.
We have been in the hospital trying to keep my oxygen up over 93, which I can do if I am just sitting in bed. If I get up to walk or to do anything and I am not on oxygen, then it drops too low.
My doctor finally let me out this morning with the promise I would wear oxygen at home 24/7 and continue with all my medications. So yeah, I am like that lady in the grocery store carting her tank in the rascal around the store. How hot!

I am not going to lie, I was scared, alone most of the time and it really put some things into perspective. More bad luck is something my family does not need right now and this was plenty more.

I have lots of hospital stories for you because being on a floor where no one was under 75 years old, gives you lots of blogging material!


  1. How scary. I'm glad you're home now. Take it easy & listen to the doctor! {{hugs}}

  2. Kristi10:16 PM

    Oh wow... I'm glad you and the baby are ok. Life sends us alot of little messages and maybe this one is to try and just focus on the positive things. You've got a great family and you're (almost) healthy.

    Hang in there... and pamper yourself a little!!!

  3. Hey you! Sit still and breathe or something... take care and be well.


  4. WOW. That's scary. There is some nasty stuff going around out there. A friend's 2 year old just came down with RSV...and she has asthma. Not fun.
    Feel better soon.

  5. good grief!!!

    so glad both of you are ok.

    being home hopefully is more restful. hang in there!!

  6. Luckily, you can relax and still blog! Yippee!

    Since I have totally lost track of your due date, I expected maybe that's where you've been(??).

  7. That's so scary! I'm glad you and your little one are ok. I hope the infection clears up soon.

  8. Yikes!!!

    Take care of yourself. And if anybody tries to steal your purse, knock them over the head with your oxygen tank.

  9. that is so scary Tuesday Girl!!! Take care of your self and wear your oxygen!!! That babe still has a little cooking to do...

  10. Stay true to your word!

    Glad you are home!


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