Thursday, February 21, 2008

Positive Thoughts

We could still use your prayers and positive vibes on the job front. E has had a couple of interviews this past week and one today. Something has to give and I am afraid if E doesn't get a job soon he will crack. he has eluded to it before how much more he can hang on, and I can't imagine what goes through his head at night, when I know what goes through mine. I silently vowed to hold this kid in until he gets a job but with only a few more weeks left, there is only so much my uterus and I can do.
Think good thoughts, will you people?

I had a check up today and I am not dilated at all but the baby's head is down and low, which I already knew because it feel like the baby will fall out any minute. If I am dilated at next week's visit they will strip my membranes which sounds as painful as I am sure it is.


  1. I am thinking good thoughts for you, hang in there!

    I didn't have any membrane stripping but I did have the cervix softener which put me into labor pretty effectively...too bad it was the night before the induction so I got shot up with Pitocin anyway.

  2. Thanks for dropping by my site and commenting. And good luck in the giveaway! Hope to see you drop by again soon!

  3. it's going to happen, it HAS to!!

    Hope the next few weeks are restful ones. We're both going to be quite busy pretty soon, not that we aren't already. ;)

  4. We are prayin for you guys.Life sucks sometimes,but it should turn around soon.Has hubby tried fast food,grocery stores,temp agencies or home depot???
    I dont know what your hubby does or his qualifications,but desperate times needs desperate measures and some money is better than no money or job even for a short time.I am so sorry I am not wealthy to send you some cash or offer a job.God provides ,just dont ever give up.Hang on to eachother tight.
    Love Shawny

  5. I'm holding a good thought and wishing the best for your family.

  6. Brooke, I had that when I had my miscarriage, that hurt SO much!
    Shawny, thank you so much for your kind words.


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