Friday, February 08, 2008

Burn Baby Burn

Well, I guess it is official, you are here to stay.
I should have known better then expect you not to come and ruin my days and nights.
Why it took you so long I am not sure, but I am glad you didn't arrive sooner. I really hate you, especially at night, especially when you ruin some of my favorite things like relaxing with a nice snapple apple juice.

I hope you leave soon and I never have to deal with you again.
You are a spiteful bitch, heartburn and I hate you.

I hope you rot in the fiery pits of hell.


  1. Sorry to hear about the heartburn. I think I lived on tums when I was preganat with Grayson. Not much onger though...right? Hang in there!
    PS-I'm glad your back home!

  2. ugh, I lived on tums in the 1st trimester. Had a hiatus since then. I bet it will come back here soon enough.

    Must add tums to grocery list.

    Hope you can dull the pain with something. Glad you are home as well. Get well soon!

  3. OH, I've sooo been there.

    I took a lot of tums the first time around, but I found a homeopathic remedy for my second. I didn't like the thought of taking 10 tums a day just to survive.

    Boiron's Nux Vomica pellets really, really helped me. You can find them at a natural pharmacy. Or if you're lucky and have a Whole Foods type of grocery store near you, they carry them too.

    Good luck.

  4. Oh Tuesday! I just read what is going on!! I am glad everything is good besides the heartburn :)

  5. awww i'm so glad you're all better! well, except for the stupid heartburn...

  6. Booooooo! Hang in there!


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