Friday, February 29, 2008

Take Your Best Guess

So as long as I wait for this baby to descend into the birth canal and ruin my vagina forever, at least we can have some fun with it.
Let us have an old fashioned "guess when the baby is coming and the sex" game. I will give you my stats and you can guess when this baby arrives and whether it is a boy or a girl, whoever comes closest, will get a copy of this book, which I will be reviewing next week here.

In the interest of full disclosure here are my details:
I went 39 weeks with my twins and they were born via c-section because baby A was breech. Baby A was 7lbs 2 oz and baby B was 8lbs 2 oz.
My due date is March 19th.
As of yesterday (37 weeks) I was not dilated at all.
I *think* I am having braxton hicks contractions but who can be sure? They feel like gas pains.
The baby is head down and feel very low, although I am not sure my stomach has dropped.
I have no feelings either way if it is a boy or a girl. No idea and it is killing me!

Feel free to ask me anything more that you need to know to make your predictions.


  1. No predictions...
    Just well wishes...
    There is no feeling like meeting your new baby...
    Whatever the sex...
    Happy Happy Birthday to you and your baby...

  2. Kristi6:20 AM

    I think it'll be a boy. Born around March 12th. I'm guessing 7lbs 12oz.

    No matter what the details I hope you have an easy couple of weeks and that the outcome is what you hope for (delivery wise).

    How exciting! It's sooooo close!

  3. March 21
    7lb 14oz

  4. I am saying a boy...7lbs. 8. ozs. and I'm guessing March 19!! that's my daughter Betsy's birthday!!


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