Monday, February 25, 2008

Virtual Nesting

Lately I have been in a writing funk. I just can't think of anything that is worth writing about. It seems my brain is full of baby stuff and it won't go away. I guess it is my body's way of preparing for this infants birth, but I wish I could think coherently again. I wish I could sleep all night and get the things done I wish I could do but I just can't make myself actually do.
I am nesting but only virtually.

I am so loving my kids being five. My daughter is still in love with princesses and high school musical but still loves to play with my son's toys and keeps up with all her older boy cousins. She loves to be in charge. She can hold her own.
She is getting very attached to my belly now, talking to it, singing, showing the baby her things.
My son has become very brave and more independent. Much more so then last year, he went sleigh riding for the first time and went once with his Aunt and then wanted to do it alone, down a big huge hill. Big stuff for a beginner.
He was knocked down by various kids on sleds, but never cried which is a miracle because he really is so sensitive.
This is going to be a big year for them with getting a new sibling, starting kindergarten and hopefully attending swim school and learning to ride a bike. I think they are going to do great.


  1. Kristi3:26 PM

    Wait a minute...! Little girls are supposed to outgrow the princess stuff? My daughter is 18 and can tell you every detail about every Disney anything. Its sickening, really! LOL

  2. they ARE going to do great! Watching them adjust to new things is amazing isn't it???

  3. They will be wonderful, I was five when my sister was born and I still remember it :)


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