Monday, February 11, 2008

Bigger Not Always Better

Are you sick of reading about my illness? I aure am sick of talking about it. I am better, off the oxygen and feeling great. Heartburn still kicks my ass once in awhile but is common and I can deal with it. Lets move on to more pressing topics, shall we?

My vagina.
Oh lord, how I am scared for my vagina. I never realized how scary my decision to have a VBAC was for me, until now, when the birth of this baby is becoming a reality. I had a scary C section last time and I don't want to repeat that, if I can help it. I would love to experience a "natural" birth, but if there is any problems, if I go past 40 weeks (NO!) or if the baby needs to come out, I will have a c-section, and I am OK with that.
But what if I go into labor like I am supposed to, what if everything is alright and the baby is going to come out the the birth canal like it should?
Where does that leave my vagina?

I have to say people, that I am scared it will never be the same.
I have talked to my girlfriends and many say it is not the same, some say it is, but I am not sure if I can believe them. One even asked her husband and he said everything is normal, but really what is that guy going to say? I am sure he wants to have the sex again.

So tell me ladies and men, how is the vagina after child birth? A noticiable difference? Slight difference? Vaginal rejuvination time?
Give it to my straight, even if you do so anonymously, I can take it, but I am not sure my vagina can!


  1. I haven't really noticed any difference, myself. I've never bothered to ask my husband, though. It's really my boobs that are sad sacks after having kids. Sad, sad sacks. And, it was way worse after the second child. I nursed both kids, and that may have had something to do with it.

  2. Kristi1:43 PM

    I had Csections both times (and LOVED them) so I'm not the person to answer that

  3. Anonymous4:11 PM

    I have to do this anonymous...
    I had two vaginal deliveries and I must say they saved my sex life.
    Vaginal birth makes a difference, if only a slight one. Before my children sex used to hurt me because I was this little tiny 100 pound girl with a husband who is hung like a horse. I'll spare you the details...but with the help of our kids I stretched out a little (not too much, I asked my husband) but just enough to make things comfortable. So yes, there will be a difference. but for me it was a good thing.

  4. Not a lot of comments about the Vagina. My wife had two vaginal deliveries. No differences. The vagina is am amazing thing in regards to its ability to rebound. Obviously the gals are the experts, but it seems that your V is the least of your worries. It'll be there for you! (BTW, one word for you - Epidural.)

  5. No difference to me or my husband. But, you can play the "Hey, I squeezed a kid out of my hooha" card from now until...well...forever.

  6. I'd say, at first, there is a difference.

    My OB had to "fix" my 1 degree tear after birth. She said she would make me as good as I once was. (tighten the hole back to the original size).

    Not sure if that was the reason, but it hurt to have sex for quite some time. Actually, being squimish is more like it. Like "is it going to hurt this time? tender still?

    At 9 months post baby, the concern was gone. And yes, as hubs has said, I am as good to go as I ever was.

    There you go, Honesty in a big 'ol nutshell. :D

  7. These are very interesting. Keep em coming.

  8. Both my vagina births were great! Only a little tearing and like 2 stitches every time. I even think sex is better not cause I am a little bit more open- not much. And just think the next day you can walk around and do stuff unlike a C-section :)

  9. Anonymous4:00 AM

    I noticed a difference. Sex was painful for a few months and then initially uncomfortable for a few months after that. And I have a scar from the episiotomy! Not pretty.

  10. Well I am still chuckling here because I love this topic! Not too many people brave this question and I seriously never even thought to ask it until...AFTER.

    I really assumed all went back to normal. Well, after my first vaginal birth (which was horrible, forceps, complete tearing, etc) I had about a 6-9 month recovery. No, not weeks, months! And I really though the big "O" was gone for me. Forutunately, time did heal and things began getting normal again. Then I up and decided time for #2 and another vaginal delivery. This time though was so much less painful and less tearing, although there were still scars from the first. My recovery was short and sex life normal in a matter of weeks. Both my Dr. and hubby say that my vagina was fine (in terms of muscle tone). My doctor said that he would never know I even had a baby. Wow, he really is a charmer, eh. I still occasionally feel a difference though but it is not that bad.


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