Wednesday, February 13, 2008

White Winter

So you are telling me there IS hope for my vagina? Very good news.
It makes me slightly less scared for childbirth, but truth be told, I am freaking out. Not that I am in any way ready, I have not purchased what I need to, dug out what I need to find or packed any bags. It doesn't help that E STILL doesn't have a job and I am in official panic mode. So is he. Hense the no purchasing what needs to be purchased. Maybe I will at least make a list on Amazon of what I need, I can at least do that.

For some strange reason where I currently live in NJ, we get zero amounts of snow every year. In North jersey we got a decent amount of snow every single year, some amounts even prevented you from going to work or school! Nirvana! Now, here outside of Philly, there is no snow. Zero. Less then 1 inch all winter. Strange and very disspointing I have got to say. My poor kids want to play in the snow, use their snow boots, or their forgotten mittens they received for Christmas.
Instead all we get is rain. Dreary, boring rain.
Global warming is a fable, my ass.


  1. Meant to comment on your last post, but got distracted by the chaos in my house —


    I had a c-section and then a VBAC. I noticed no difference whatsoever in my hoo-ha. And the VBAC was a LOT easier for me to recover from.

    It is a really personal decision, however. You'll know what's right for you when the time comes!

  2. Kristi4:15 PM

    Look, if I were you I'd just ask for a c-sec. I had NO interest in pushing a watermelon out through a garden hose. No thank you!

    I was in the room last year when my sister had her baby and I joked that the doc needed to put a "vanity stitch" in. My sister didn't have a clue what I was laughing with the dr about... thank GOD, or she'd have killed me! That is actually her greatest fear.

    I could tell you the story of why, but its so ridiculously crude that you don't really want to know!

  3. Guess I am not to far from you. It is so disappointing this weather. One day in the 60s, the next 20s but NO Snow. My kids are just waiting too. We bought them a snowman kit and a sled for X-mas that are still sitting in the box. I am sure I jinx it by buying these...sorry. I think if we bought a snow blower, we wouldn't have snow for a few years.


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