Thursday, October 30, 2008

Giveaways In Replace Of A Real Post

I am getting a little bit sick of this single parent thing M-F. I am tired. And cranky. I am hating Halloween this year because I feel so unprepared.
While I try and get Batman, Sleeping Beauty and the cutest monkey you ever did see ready for tomorrow, you will have to excuse this sorry excuse for a post.

I have a Lands' End Diaper Bag giveaway going on and a cool Baby Name Book giveaway.
That should appease you because you don't really need more candy do you?


  1. Oh Honey, I can relate. When my hubby worked M-F away from home, I hated it. I never signed up for the single parent thing. I hope you've got a good group of friends close by to help out. It's the only thing that saved me. Nothing is better than hearing a girlfriend say, "Drop what you're doing and get over here, I've got a cocktail with your name on it!"

  2. monkey girl, nope no friends to speak of here, just me and the kids.
    Can't get this house to sell soon enough, I don't want to leave but we need to be a whole family again.

  3. I couldnt imagine being alone with the kids all week. I would probably be drunk every night.

    who says I have enough candy? lol!

  4. Mine's not the M-F situation, but it's enough times during the week and part of the weekend to truly physically drain me. Good luck getting done what you need to, and enjoy trick or treating with your cuties.

  5. Single parenting it SUCKS! I did it for six months while we were in the process of relocating. Once it's over, you'll look back and think "how in the hell did I do that?" followed up with "I hope I never have to do that again!"

    Some Fridays I was practically in the car waiting for my husband to get home from the airport so I could bolt out of the driveway for some "me" time (and an adult beverage or two with friends!).

  6. Halloween just sort of snuck up on me this year. I'm not really into it, I'm afraid. And, girlie, I feel for you. My husband's been traveling little bit lately, leaving me to single parent on average about three nights a week. It's draining, exhausting and more difficult than I ever imagined. I salute you!

  7. It's 9:30 here. My kids are still running around like crazed maniacs. We, and by we I mean me, carved pumpkins and my arm is about to fall off so I can't grab them when they run by. Nor does it function for bringing the wine I need to my mouth. Life is unfair. But more unfair for you bc at least I can yell at my husband face to face right now. Keep up a brave face...don't let the goblins get you down! You are a rock star for doing this on your own until the big move!!!

  8. I haven't been in the mood for Halloween either. Haven't even carved pumpkins this year. Maybe tomorrow.

    In the spirit of Halloween... You have been boo'd! Come by and check it out!


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