Friday, October 03, 2008

Week By Numbers

E comes home this afternoon and not a moment too soon. Let me run the week by numbers for you:

number of cats fed and water been made available to all week long- 2
number of toilets clogged by son, who is remarkably a lot like his father- 2
number of teachers I had to tell there is in fact NO baby girl in my belly due any day now despite what my daughter says-1
number of days this week I was a single parent-5
number of days I wanted to leave the kids and join the circus-1.5
number of pictures my kids have drawn for me in the past five days- 23984
number of pictures I have had to throw away under the cover of darkness- 23982
number of stress induced cold sores received- 1
number of hours left before I can drink myself into a coma-7

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  1. Six and a half hours now!

  2. My kids are in the drawing and cutting stage too!

    Except I quit waiting for darkness after I stepped on a piece of paper and almost did a split.

    I picked up some half used tablets for free at a yard sale so I don't feel guilty that they only colored on 1/2 half of 1 side and then were done with it.

  3. Ha! Oh, enjoy your reunion and your respite!

  4. I always feel guilty for throwing out the papers, but come on, we wouldnt have room to move if I kept them all!!

  5. Wow. I feel for you. I have to say, I went to the circus a few years ago. Oddly enough, the lifestyle looked a little appealing to me. Don't get me wrong, the cat lady wrangler is sort of strange, but she had so much plastic surgery to her face and chesticles. I thought, if a circus performer can do that on their wages, then I am in the wrong profession. (I'm a carnival worker)

  6. I hope your evening was fabulous and more importantly that you get to sleep in on Saturday!

  7. I hope you had a great night! You deserve it...and I also hope you awoke hangover free so you can do it again tonight!!!

  8. Yay! You are reunited!

    Hope you had a great night.

  9. I know you didn't post anything today, but I saw your new picture on twitter. I love it. You're beauuuutiful.

  10. I hope your coma was magnificent :)

  11. That is it! Jen is my new bestest friend.
    I loooove you Jen.
    My weekend was great guys, thanks.

  12. Drink up. Seems like you deserve it.


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