Monday, October 27, 2008

Where Do You Eat?

People who do not live in NY/NJ, where the hell do you go for breakfast if you do not have a diner? For that matter where do you go when you have the drunken munchies at 1 am if you do not have a diner?
Do you not partake in gravy fries, a cheese burger deluxe or a bacon, egg & cheese on a bagel?

We were eating breakfast at a diner yesterday morning (which stunk, the diners in SNJ suck) and I panicked. What if NH had no diners?
Where do you go for breakfast?

I was literally awake in the middle of the night wondering if NH also had dunkin donuts, home goods, super gap and chick fil a drive thrus.
It is not an accident that most of my concerns revolve around food.

Tell me what your favorite local places are to go an eat.

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  1. Wow I love food so where do I begin LOL! We have a pancake place called IHOP here in So Cal that I love to eat at for breakfast. For those drunken night munchies there are a couple of places I could go... on is called Denny's, but I can't stand that place and the other is Shorehouse Cafe... kind of dineresque (if that is even a word) which I love. There are probably others that I am not aware of.

  2. My favorites are "locally" owned restaurants and staying away from the chain type places. Once you get settled, you find somewhere yummy for the family and also a 24 hour dive for those drunken date nights or girls nights out!

  3. Out here in the sticks (Central Illinois) we have Perkin's and Denny's, both 24 hour chains. We do not have super gap, or chick fil a. I just had my first chick fil a in Baltimore a couple weeks ago. Yummy!

  4. I hate to say this, but we go to our kitchen. :)

    Isn't that SAD???

  5. I live just 15 minutes out of NH, and I can tell you that they have diners :-) They also have Home Goods, the Gap, and Dunkin Donuts :) You can find Chick Fil A, but probably not a drive through... usually in a mall food court!

  6. imommy, you made my day : )

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  8. For breakfast, I am soley a non-chain gal. We eat at this greasy spoon near us where the pancakes and scones are bigger than my head. No joke. The wait staff is kind of ornery, but they know our order before we even sit down and bring us our drinks (2 big cokes, chocolate milk and an apple juice) without us even asking. You need to find yourself something like that. I know how you feel. It took us asking around a bit before we found one. We just followed all the old guys to their favorite coffee house and wa-la! There it was. Good luck! I'd love to hear what you find!

  9. Also, I hate to say this, no I don't hate to say this, but yeah, Stiletto Mom, that IS sad. Your own kitchen isn't nearly greasy enough for a good old-fashioned breakfast.

  10. Oh darling, you would never survive in my town...they don't serve breakfast at our local fee store:(

  11. NY and NJ definitely have the best diners. Here in LA we have the oh-your-so-cool breakfast places but they don't get going until 10am because everyone's looking for their sun glasses because if you eat breakfast in LA sunglasses are a must.
    so people can, like, SEE you.


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