Thursday, October 09, 2008

I Hate Other People's Children

I will not forget the smallest member of our family K and I will post to him later this week.

I wanted to know your advice on several subjects. First, should I be worried that my son's teacher taught the class to remember the months of the year to the "macarena" complete with hip thrusts?

Secondly, my child, my sensitive little boy came off the bus in tears yesterday. He & R said that older boys were calling him "ugly" and "moron". Do I board the bus on Friday and WRING THEIR DIRTY LITTLE necks and perhaps threaten their lives beause I so fucking will or do I just write a note to his teacher telling her about it?
Who the fuck picks on a five year old?

I also have a giveaway going on right now, a parenting book that I think every parent should read. I have five to give away so comment away!


  1. I would totally get on the bus and tell those boys that if they so much as looked at my kids funny again I'd be calling their parents so fast it'd make their heads spin. And then I'd call the school and have them call the parents and tell them anyways. Cause I'm protective like that. (or a meanie, whichever).

  2. Vicki, this is what I would LOVE to do but you know what I don't love?
    Getting arrested.

  3. call the teacher or in to the office at the school. Maybe they need a helper on their bus to watch the kids.

  4. I like Vicki's suggestion. You're not touching the kids. You're not threatening them physically. You're just telling them that they're going to get in trouble at home for picking on a 5-year old. Perfectly legal. Look angry ... look scary. But don't touch the kids, and you should be just fine.

  5. Tell them that even though you can't touch them because they're kids, you have money and can hire other bigger kids to kick their little asses.

  6. I love captain dumbass' idea!

  7. Was it at school or on the bus? If on the bus, talk to the bus driver. I have a friend who's son is getting picked on by a girl (they are both in 3rd grade)and she marched right into the (private) school and up to the little girl and told her "you will not say one more mean thing to my kid, got it?"
    If you thinks months to the macarena song is bad...I'll have to post a video of the tootey tah song, very strange.

  8. Brilliant!!

    Ok. When I was about 6, a bigger kid (a boy about 9 years old) walked past me on the school playground and spit in my hair. My parents flipped. They took me down to the principal's office, and the principal had me look through school photos and identify the kid. Once they knew who did it, they headed to his homeroom with me in tow and had me point him out in front of his class. And then they took him out of the room, called his parents, and suspended him from school for a while.

    The school photo lineup is probably the most diplomatic approach. But I still think I'd board the bus and have words with the kids.

  9. They are meanies.For sure.

  10. My daughter had bus problems just a couple of weeks ago. She actually told the little brats she would give them anything they wanted if they would leave her alone. (Scare a mom much?) Luckily hers worked out on it's own. But I felt your pain, and your son's. I would talk to the driver and the teacher.

  11. In our district you take it up with the bus driver, he/she is supposed to have control of that bus, the fact that he's getting picked on just shows she does not. If the driver fails to correct the problem then go to the principle. We have had issues with kids on our bus too and I told the kids anything else happens we talk to the principle cause clearly this lady can't control the kids on the bus. ugh

  12. My niece who is a small sixth grader got picked on by 8/9/10th graders. They live in a small town and it's one of those places where kindergarten to teens ride the bus. point...these girls and boys were asking my niece if she is/was a virgin, if she ever sucked on a (insert male anatomy here) and things like that. We were all aphalled. I mean..honestly!!! Who the heck raises these kids..and why can't we smack them??

  13. Anonymous9:08 PM

    I would tell the teacher, the bus driver, and the boys!!!! What the.... reason #502 why i didn't put my kindergardener on the bus this year...the other being it came too early in the morning... So sorry...

    I'd love a crack at that book!! Something to drink my coffee with... XO Lyns

  14. lyns make sure to comment on my other blog for your chance to win.

    Thanks for the advice everyone!

  15. OMG that makes me so mad!! I would be SO pissed if somebody did that to my Hailey! I would definitely call the school and report them. If I knew the kids' parents I'd call them too!

  16. Vicki8:42 AM

    My dad did the get on the bus and threaten the kid with telling his parents thing one time. That's where I got it from. He never touched him, he was just so mad his face was all red and he was practically foaming at the mouth. It was funny in hindsight but at the time I knew my dad meant business and so did the boy who was picking on me and my brother. He never had to touch him but he did scare the dickens out of him...hehe. Still makes me smile...

  17. A kid SLAPPED my sienna at the bus stop this year. Suh-LAPPED her. He lives in the next building over. He doesn't come over this way anymore. Not saying that anyone said anything to him or anything, I'm just saying he suddenly felt deeply impressed to straighten up and fly right...and not near our house.

    Call the school, and the person in charge of bussing, too.

  18. You definitely should call the bus company and your child's teacher, especially if he arrives at school upset about what's happened on the bus and it's impacting his time in the classroom. Note every call you make. No kid, especially a five year old, should be picked on, especially (again!) when there is an adult present.

  19. Kristi5:51 AM

    I'd have a serious chat with that damn bus driver. They have a responsibility to protect your children while on that bus... in every possible way.
    Sadly, that kid has probably been the target of some other kid and your son is now having to bear the brunt of the trickly down effect. Hopefully putting a stop to it quickly will prevent your son from doing it to someone else.

    Don't you wish you could just protect them from everyone forever. My son is 21 (wtf?) and he got his feelings hurt so bad as a young boy and unfortunately I didn't do enough to stop him from doing it to someone else and I have alot of regret about that. I do find some comfort in the fact that he (now) feels bad about it, too.

  20. I remember one of the bus drivers I had in elementary school used to keep an old-fashioned round metal trash can in the front of the bus, and when I... I mean, anyone... acted up like that, he would stop the bus, and make the offender come to the front and sit in the trashcan next to him looking back at the rest of the kids in the bus who were now laughing at him. But I don't imagine that would fly these days. More evidence of the woosification of America. :(

    Here's how I would handle it, though. I would first go directly to the bus driver and explain the situation. Give him/her a chance to take care of the problem. And if that didn't work, I'd elevate it to the school principal.

    Ultimately, it's the bus driver who has to take care of this, and ultimately, you need to put him/her in fear of his/her job, as that is what is most likely to motivate the driver. But I would first give the driver the chance to take care of it without going over the driver's head. And if they don't respond adequately, then more draconian measures are called for... the principal, the bus company itself, the driver's boss... even letters to the editor of the local newspaper. That'll get their attention.

    And, fwiw, I do like captain dumbass's suggestion. Reminds me of when I took Lianne and Logan to Chuck E Cheese's a year or two ago and Lianne was running around inside that tubular maze and came out crying because some kid hit her. I then sent Logan in with Lianne to find the offender. A few minutes later, the little brat came out screaming to his mommy that another boy had head-butted him inside that contraption!

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  22. We had that same situation last year in K. Some filthy nasty little creep of a boy sat behind my little Miss G and called her fat head and stupid. She would get off the bus crying "my head is not fat". I raised ALL KINDS OF HELL. BTW, most of the buses now are equiped with cameras and you can demand a playback if they have one. Would be horrible to watch but if they see this kid talking to yours and then K getting upset, you may be able to nail the little creep...which you totally should.
    On second thought, I'm on my way. I'll meet you at the bus stop in the morning to deal with this's a long drive but it's worth it.

  23. Good Lord, L...not K. I was one alphabetical letter off. I was all sorts of fired up. Plus? That crazy comment above mine about the Communist Chinese government and all the business about electromagnetic waves used to contain criticism and harm innocent human lives? Sorta freaked my shit out.

  24. I meant to post here...but I posted under the giveaway by accident, I still want to enter though...I'm sorry your child had to endure that! Hope he is okay! Take care!


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