Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Update

I am glad that I am not the only parent that wants to beat up a child in defense of their own child. I am not above a elementary school smack down.
I wrote a note to L's teacher on Friday when L went to school. I didn't want to chance another bad school bus ride by the time I got to speak to the bus driver (the older kids are only on the bus home).
The guidance counselor took my kids out of class to speak to each of them, then spoke to the boys and then spoke to the whole bus. The don't fool around at that school and that rocks. The bus driver seemed a little peeved that I didn't go to her first, but she will get over it.
Lets hope this is the last I will hear of name calling or I will hire a bigger kid to beat up those rotten children.

I had a great weekend with my family, my sister and her boys and my mother spent the weekend with us so that E and I could go out on a date. Where do two married people go on a date? Why, Eastern State Penitentiary what else? This is the second time we went and it is such a scary, haunted attraction, we loved it. E seemed even more scared than I was.
I will not let him live that done any time soon, don't worry.


  1. Good for you. I'm glad your school could help you take care of things. It seems it's always somewhere in the middle, either they help too much or not enough at all.

  2. Echoing the good for you thing! It's fantastic that the school took an immediate, proactive approach. I'm sure you will, but definitely keep tabs on things for a little while to see how it's going. The school will definitely want to act again if things start up after a lull.

    Glad you got to go out and enjoy some time with your family, too!

  3. congrats on getting a "date"! Im a little jealous, I dont think my husband and I have actually been alone (outside of a birthing room) for years!

  4. I'm so glad it worked out!
    Also, I'm very jealous of your date night...haunted prison! So fun!!!

  5. Thank you so much for your kind comments over at my place today. It does sound cliche, but it IS such a gift to place a child with someone else. My husband and I have sat down to discuss who would take guardianship of our children if something ever happend to us. That decision was gut wrenching. I can't help but think that this is only a tenth of a percent of what both of our birthmoms went through when they placed their babies with us.

  6. Glad the school dealt with the situation. As for the bus driver ... if she doesn't like it, too bad for her! :-) As long as your kids aren't being picked on, the bus driver's feelings just don't much matter. You handled it well.


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